Buyers of the “Mugshot Edition” NFTs, which use images of former President Donald Trump, received a bonus product. NFT INT LLC, the company handling the NFTs, has confirmed delivery compliance under the contract, which stated that Bitcoin Ordinals would be added. These Bitcoin Ordinals are unique digital assets with permanent inscriptions on the Bitcoin blockchain.

The company later revealed that the Bitcoin Ordinals bonus was part of a promotion that only applied to certain purchases. As an example, anyone who purchased 100 Mugshot Edition NFTs could quickly become the owner of this rare digital asset. The inscription process of these Ordinals uses rare alpha Satoshis, which enhances its uniqueness.

After launching in November 2022, the Mugshot Edition was released, giving away many extras, such as dinners with Trump and trading cards with a bit of his suit fabric. This edition is included in other digital collections of CIC Digital LLC, where Trump’s image appears under license.

Trump’s involvement with NFT collections appears to have been quite volatile

Although trading volume has started to decline after an initially aggressive response, the introduction of Bitcoin Ordinals has added another layer of appeal to the world of NFTs.

The licensing agreements for these NFTs have been carefully drafted. Trump-NFT INT LLC operates separately from Donald Trump and The Trump Organization. Use of Trump’s name and likeness is permitted under an agreement with CIC Digital LLC, which reserves the right to revoke this license.

These developments come as Trump faces mounting legal costs, which have risen to $86 million since the start of his presidential campaign. These costs are the result of numerous legal battles, including criminal cases.

Amid the challenges of ongoing legal issues, Trump has had to adjust his financial strategies

To manage rapidly rising legal costs, he has tapped some of his political campaign committee funds. Reports suggest that a quarter of his legal expenses are covered by these funds, highlighting how much the legal battle is putting a strain on his finances.

The choice to use campaign funds for legal purposes reveals Trump’s continued dependence on available financial resources. This also underlines the significant financial burden he bears during these lawsuits.

The introduction of Bitcoin Ordinals to NFT buyers is part of Trump’s broader strategy to monetize his brand. Historically, Trump has used his name and image to promote various consumer products ranging from steaks to vodka. The NFTs, including unique digital assets, fit into this trend of maximizing its brand value even in times of financial and legal pressure.


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