Dogwifhat, one of the hottest new crypto memes, has struggled to rebound after recent price drops. While the entire crypto market has fallen in recent days, this Solana meme coin failed to break past the price of $3.5. Although it found support at $2.36, WIF failed to maintain the significant gains seen in recent months.

Bitcoin has significant influence on Dogwifhat price

A major factor affecting WIF’s performance is its strong correlation with bitcoin, which currently stands at 0.76. Normally, a high correlation with bitcoin is considered favorable due to bitcoin’s leading position in the market.

However, in this situation it works against it. While bitcoin itself continues to experience difficulties, possibly retesting $60,000 as a support level, altcoins like WIF are also suffering as they closely follow bitcoin’s movements.

Consolidation seems to be on the way for the WIF price

Dogwifhat’s price forecast points to consolidation. Technical indicators, such as the Ichimoku Cloud positioned above the candlesticks, indicate potential bearishness. WIF’s price is expected to fluctuate between $3.62 and $2.36 in the near term. If this Solana meme coin manages to break the $3.6 resistance, it could invalidate the bearish scenario and possibly herald a rise to $4.0.

WIF rate tradingview

As it stands, market conditions suggest a cautious approach to this crypto meme coin, with potential consolidation on the horizon. For that reason, investors are looking for other crypto memes to invest in.

Dogeverse pre sale is almost sold out – do you want to invest now?

Recently, Dogeverse, a new crypto meme, has attracted significant attention. Investors are increasingly interested in buying Dogeverse due to several distinctive features that this project offers.

Dogeverse distinguishes itself from traditional meme coins by its multi-chain functionality. This enables the token to function across multiple blockchains, a capability facilitated by a network of smart bridges, portals and wormholes. This multi-chain approach makes Dogeverse more accessible on various platforms.

buy dogeversebuy dogeverse

The broad accessibility not only helps build a larger and more diverse community, but also optimizes trading opportunities by leveraging the strengths of different blockchains. For example, low transaction fees on Solana and great ease of trading on Ethereum provide users with a more efficient and cost-effective trading experience.

Furthermore, Dogeverse’s successful pre-sale, which raised more than $9.9 million, has strengthened the market’s confidence in this project. This rapid fundraising and the expectation that the token will sell out quickly after reaching the $10 million milestone contribute to Dogeverse’s positive price outlook.

WienerAI is the new promising crypto meme coin

One of the emerging new crypto coins that people are investing in is WienerAI ($WAI). This crypto project is a unique fusion of artificial intelligence, the loyalty of dogs and the universal appeal of sausages.

WienerAI, presaleWienerAI, presale

WienerAI distinguishes itself by being the first to combine a Dachshund/dog with artificial intelligence. It is presented as the most powerful cybernetic being in the universe, with the ambition to become the ‘top dog’ in the crypto market. This ambition is supported by the development of unique staking rewards and the creation of a ‘Sausage Army’, which can ensure a strong community and ongoing engagement.

With 30% of tokens reserved for the pre-sale and large allocations for staking and community rewards, WienerAI offers an attractive investment.

Slothana pre sale is also almost closing: last chance to buy $SLOTH

As interest in the Solana meme coin Dogwifhat wanes, crypto investors are looking for promising alternatives on the Solana chain. Slothana seems to increasingly meet that need. This new memecoin on the Solana network is attracting considerable attention, partly due to speculation about a connection with the successful smog team.

Such speculation has been heightened by comments from the smog account on Slothana’s

This response has significantly increased Slothana’s visibility, evidenced by the explosive growth in the number of followers; from less than 50 at launch to more than 25,000. This rapid increase in interest is further fueled by parallels with smog, which saw an impressive 100x increase in value after its launch in February, resulting in a market capitalization of $200 million.

Slothana meme cornerSlothana meme corner

With just two days left until the end of Slothana’s pre-sale, investors are feeling the urgency to get in on what could potentially be an equally successful ride up. The ease of purchasing Slothana increases its attractiveness; Investors can easily exchange SOL for $SLOTH tokens via the official website, or by sending SOL to a specific wallet address for an airdrop, making it easy to get in quickly without the complications of centralized exchanges.

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