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Edward Snowden, the privacy advocate and whistleblower who had to flee the United States in 2013, is extremely bullish on bitcoin. According to Snowden, Bitcoin is “the most significant monetary advance since the creation of monetary coins.”

Snowden then refers in his story to a statement by Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of bitcoin.

“If you don’t believe me or don’t understand, I don’t have time to convince you, sorry.”

Satoshi Nakamoto made that statement some time after disclosing bitcoin on a forum to someone who had no confidence in the design of the digital currency.

This statement shows that Nakamoto was in quite a hurry, for whatever reason. The inventor of bitcoin may have been ill. That would also explain why he disappeared from the face of the earth in 2011 and was never heard from again.

Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum, has shared exciting news for anyone interested in Ethereum. He talks about a new technology called ‘Verkle trees’. This technology is a key part of Ethereum’s future plans and promises great benefits for people who want to ‘stake’ Ethereum – meaning they use their Ether to support the network and receive rewards in return.

According to Buterin, this should ensure a fairer network where individual users can also participate, contribute and benefit.

But what does this mean in plain language? Let’s keep it simple:

  • Less Space Required: Normally, computers that help run the Ethereum network require a lot of memory space. With Verkle trees this becomes much less. This means that you can run an Ethereum node without needing a computer with a huge hard drive.
  • Faster Sync: When you start an Ethereum node, it needs to ‘sync’ or get up to date with the rest of the network. With Verkle trees this happens almost immediately, so you can get started much faster.
  • Easier for Everyone: These improvements allow anyone with a basic computer to participate in the Ethereum network. This makes the network more accessible and can help make it more decentralized and secure.
  • Step Forward in Ethereum’s Plan: Verkle trees are part of a larger plan to improve Ethereum, which also included moving to a proof-of-stake consensus (the ‘Merge’). These are all steps to make Ethereum faster, more secure and easier to use.

The Ethereum price broke the $2,900 barrier on Monday morning with an increase of 3.4% in the past 24 hours. As anticipation for Ethereum’s next upgrade continues to build, more and more investors are deciding to stake their ETH for passive income.

The next upgrade, Dencun, is scheduled for Ethereum around March 13. Will Ethereum continue to rise in the coming weeks as the upgrade gets closer?

Crypto Market Bullish on Ethereum

The Dencun upgrade could become an important milestone for Ethereum and could put an end to high transaction fees on the network. In addition, this upgrade will also provide additional scalability, speed and other solutions for the network.

The price of Worldcoin’s WLD token has risen 141% over the past seven days as the company reaches a milestone of daily active users.

Worldcoin (WLD) token, a crypto project co-founded by OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, is up more than 140% in the last week as its daily users reach the 1 million mark.

In a February 18 post on X, Worldcoin announced that its crypto wallet application, called “World App,” has more than 1 million users. That’s significant growth since reaching 100,000 daily active users in November last year.


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