The price of Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency, has made an impressive jump. The price of BTC rose above the $53,500 mark for the first time in a long time.

This is a level not seen since December 2021. This sudden increase has caused nearly $200 million in investment positions to be liquidated, hitting investors who had bet on downsides with futures especially hard.

MicroStrategy’s X account has fallen victim to an attack. An as yet unknown hacker posted links to a fake Ethereum token airdrop. The tweet promoted the “$MSTR” token.

According to analysts, the damage has already amounted to more than $440,000. ZachXBT has monitored the on-chain money flows and thus also found the (suspected) address of the hacker.

MicroStrategy is Michael Saylor’s business intelligence company that entered bitcoin in 2020. It has since bought 190,000 BTC from the market worth almost $10 billion. It has nothing to do with alternative cryptocurrencies.

An Australian man has disappeared from the face of the earth after allegedly receiving more than half a million dollars. Crypto platform Rhino Trading accidentally added an extra zero to his account. The man took full advantage and walked away with a few hundred thousand dollars.

ABC Report calls the man by the following name: Kow Seng Chai. He reportedly pocketed hundreds of thousands of dollars. Instead of $99,500 AUD being credited to his crypto account, it suddenly became (erroneously) $995,000 AUD. That converts to $652,316.


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