On Saturday, a “whale” transferred 94,504 bitcoins, worth more than $6.6 billion, to three new crypto wallets.

It’s a bitcoin transfer that hasn’t gone unnoticed. On Saturday, March 23, a crypto “whale” transferred 94,504 bitcoins (worth more than $6.6 billion at the crypto king price at the time of the transfer) to three new wallets. These bitcoins had not been moved since 2019. This transfer only cost $3.27 in transaction fees on the Bitcoin blockchain.

As a reminder, a crypto whale is a specific term referring to investors holding a significant amount of crypto (for example more than 1,000 bitcoins or more than 10,000 ether), whose movements can have an impact on the cryptocurrency market.

The transfer was spotted by the specialist company Arkham Intelligence, specifying that it is the fifth richest bitcoin address in the world.

Since then, members of the crypto ecosystem have been wondering about the person (or entity) behind all these bitcoins.

“Most major bitcoin addresses are associated with cryptocurrency exchanges. However, this wallet has very little interaction and no sign that it is linked to an exchange,” indicates The Block.

If the mystery remains, it is in any case one of the most important transfers in recent times. Last November, bitcoin whales transferred 6,500 bitcoins (around $230 million) to new wallets, recalls the American media.

Source: https://www.bfmtv.com/crypto/bitcoin/il-transfere-6-milliards-de-dollars-de-bitcoins-pour-3-dollars-de-frais-sur-la-blockchain_AV-202403280376.html

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