November 20
By Juan Merodio

Facebook is a very popular social platform, with almost 3 billion active users. This makes it an ideal online sales channel to reach a large number of potential customers and promote your products through social networks. Next, we explain how to sell on Facebook effectively.

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Sell ​​through Facebook and increase your profitability

Start by establishing your brand

Before starting your presence on Facebook, it is essential to define the basic aspects of your brand. This includes:

  1. Choose a name: A suitable brand name that resonates with your audience and is easy to remember.
  2. Select your distinctive image: Your brand can be cheerful, minimalist, serious or creative. The important thing is that it connects with the audience you want to reach.
  3. Design a logo: A distinctive logo for your brand, you can use a design program like LogoMakr or FreeLogoDesign.

Establish a sales strategy

To sell effectively on Facebook, you will need a defined strategy. Some of the questions you should ask yourself include:

  • Who do I want to direct my sales to?
  • What do I offer?
  • How should I communicate with my audience?

Open your business account on Facebook

To sell directly on Facebook, you can create a page for your own business. This will allow you to advertise and sell your products, all in the same place. Simply click “Create Page,” choose a category for your business, and enter your business name.

Activate Facebook Marketplace

The Facebook Marketplace is a space that this platform has provided for the purchase and sale of all types of items and services. Businesses can use the Marketplace to sell on Facebook for free, display their inventory of items, or advertise their stores. To activate it, log into your Facebook account, go to the main menu and access “Marketplace”.

Accept the conditions and set up your store

Once you’ve activated the Marketplace, you’ll need to agree to Facebook’s terms and policies for merchants. Afterwards, Facebook will ask you for the payment method and the exchange rate with which you will make your transactions.

Show the best angle of your products

It is important to reflect the essence of your brand in the photographs of your products. Think about your buyer persona and the emotions you want to evoke. Once you have your images, you can start adding products to your store.

Promote your products

You can use Facebook Ads to promote your products and choose what type of audience will see them, based on their age, gender, and preferences. These ads will attract new users so you can increase your reach and get more customers.

Interact with your customers

Social media users want to interact, so engage with them and offer excellent customer service. Respond to all comments and use the chat to resolve any questions they may have.

Learn to sell your products on Facebook

Here we give you 7 extra tips to have a successful store on Facebook:

  1. Synchronize your ecommerce platform with the Facebook Marketplace.
  2. Create relevant messages for your audience.
  3. Use discounts, promotions and contests to attract your followers.
  4. Add secure and reliable payment methods.
  5. Recognize the value of your consumers and understand your buyer persona.
  6. Generate a better brand presence on Facebook.
  7. Manage your campaigns automatically.

With these tips, you will be able to make the most of the Facebook platform to promote and sell your products. Not only will you increase your reach, but you will also be able to interact more effectively with your customers and increase your sales. Always remember to maintain a friendly and professional tone of voice, and don’t hesitate to experiment with different strategies until you find the one that best suits your brand. Good luck!

Juan Merodio

Juan Merodio is an expert in Digital Marketing and Popularizer of the New Economy (Web3, Blockchain, NFTs…). He has founded the company that bears his own name, Juan Merodio, and from where he and his team coordinate and develop business consulting in Marketing and Digital Transformation for companies in different parts of the world such as Spain, Latin America, Japan, Canada and the United States.

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