For no apparent reason or reason, when a person or company is on social networks, it is very possible that someone will try to create a smear campaign against them. Handling this unforeseen and unpleasant situation can be difficult and if appropriate measures are not taken, the cure may be worse than the disease.

The first question that may come to mind is why? It could be one of a thousand reasons, from a dissatisfied customer to someone who does it out of simple and pure malice or envy, the fact is that the moment someone is committed In trying to damage your reputation on a social network, there is no value in dialogue, so if you have already tried that route and did not obtain satisfactory results, it is not worth continuing to insist.

These types of people are characterized by having some type of psychological pathology since they dedicate all their time and energy to being aware of everything you do with the intention of discrediting you and trying to tarnish your reputation, and I say try, because as you will see later , they achieve just the opposite.

In any case, the fact that they talk about you is the best thing that can happen to you on a social network, when someone sees their friends naming another person they will be curious to know who that is and therefore they will enter their profile and probably will start following him.

The moment you start receiving mentions on Twitter with people speaking badly about you, of course followed by the respective retweets, if you do not have experience in handling situations of that type, your first reaction after trying to dialogue and ask the reason for that , perhaps it is starting to argue with each and every one of those who attack him. Don’t do it, the best attitude is to do nothing, maintain composure and move forward as if everything were normal, since if you take any counteroffensive, you will be the one who looks bad.

You have to remember that in many cases the so-called “haters” (people who “hate” you) only seek to get your attention in the same style as a spoiled child who throws tantrums when his parents don’t please him with what he wants. For them, the only way to be taken into account by you or by others is through offenses, insults, mockery and disqualifications, something that they may achieve in some of the same level, but that will not find an echo in people and others. serious institutions.

When this type of situation occurs, remember to stay out of it, since I repeat, that is advertising, and do not forget that this situation will spread your name or brand throughout the network, getting you more fans or followers as the case may be. Many people who did not know you will now know that you are there and if the information you publish catches their attention, they will follow you. Therefore, if you remain calm and ignore these malicious attacks, the one who will look bad is the one who attacks you since you will achieve exactly the opposite of what you were looking for.

Author: Enrique Vázquez

Twitter: @Indifference

Via: El Universal


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