January 20
By Juan Merodio

How to create viral content? In my latest episode of the podcast, I had the opportunity to dive into the fascinating world of digital marketing and how GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) technology is revolutionizing the creation of viral content.

Today, I want to share with you, in blog form, the keys and strategies we discussed in the episode, as well as some practical tips that you can apply immediately.

how to create viral content

How to create viral content

Knowing Your Target Audience

It all starts with a deep understanding of who our listeners or readers are. Identifying and knowing your target audience is essential for any content strategy. Without this knowledge, it is impossible to create messages that resonate and generate that desired viral effect.


«I want to create viral content on social networks and, to do this, I need to really understand my target audience. My audience is mainly made up of [describe detalladamente tu público objetivo, incluyendo datos demográficos, intereses, comportamiento en línea, preferencias, etc.]. From this description, could you suggest topics or content ideas that might be of interest to you? I’m looking for suggestions that can be very engaging and shareable. The goal is to closely align the content with your preferences and interests to maximize the potential for virality.

The Wave of Fashion Topics

We cannot ignore the importance of staying up to date with trending topics. These are the ones that capture people’s attention and, if we manage to ride that wave, our chances of virality increase exponentially. But how to find those topics? This is where GPT and ChatGPT They can be our best allies.


«I want to create content that takes advantage of current trends and popular culture to increase the relevance of my brand and its viral potential on social networks. Provide me with a list of trending topics, trending events, or popular cultural phenomena that are gaining attention right now. Also, please suggest creative ways to integrate these trends into my brand’s messaging and content strategy, given that my business is [describe tu negocio]. “The goal is to identify opportunities for my brand to engage with these trends in a way that feels authentic and maximizes our visibility on social media platforms.”

Images that Capture Eyes

A picture is worth a thousand words, especially in the digital age. In the podcast, I emphasized how to create eye-catching images that not only attract attention but also complement and enhance our message.


«I want to improve my social media content with visually striking graphics that capture the attention of my ideal client, which is [describe a tu cliente ideal]. Can you suggest ideas for striking images that fit my brand, [describe tu empresa], and the type of content I create? These ideas must be innovative and eye-catching, suitable for generating engagement on social networks. Additionally, give me specific cues that I can use with DALL-E to bring these visual concepts to life, ensuring they resonate with my audience and stand out online.”

The Art of Storytelling

Narrative techniques are powerful tools in our marketing arsenal. A good story can make content memorable and shareable. In the episode, we explore how we can use GPT to structure narratives that captivate our audience.


«I want to improve my engagement on social media through the power of storytelling. The spirit of my brand revolves around [describa el espíritu de su marca], and I want to create stories that resonate with the experiences and values ​​of my audience. Can you develop three distinct stories that intertwine my brand’s journey with that of my audience? Each story should establish a connection based on shared values, build trust, and be compelling enough to keep someone interested or encourage them to share it. They should be authentic, relatable, and in line with my brand tone. [describe el tono y el estilo de tu marca]. The goal is to have a variety of narrative options that can adapt to different content formats.

Irresistible Calls to Action

A clear and persuasive call to action is the bridge between content and conversion. We discuss how to formulate CTAs that motivate users to take the next step, whether that’s sharing the content, subscribing to a channel, or making a purchase.


«Now that my content has the potential to go viral, I need to create clear and persuasive calls to action (CTAs) to guide my audience on what to do next. My objectives are [indique sus objetivos específicos, como aumentar el número de suscriptores, atraer tráfico a un sitio web, etc.]. Can you suggest three different CTAs that are compelling and fit these goals? Each CTA should be direct but persuasive, encouraging the audience to take that specific action. CTAs should take advantage of the viral nature of content and be designed to convert audience interest into tangible results for my brand.

Analytics for Success

Last but not least, we talked about the importance of analyzing and improving content performance. Virality doesn’t end when you publish; It is crucial to measure the impact and adjust our strategies accordingly.


«Once several content strategies have been deployed, it is time to analyze and improve. I’m analyzing the metrics of my latest social media campaigns and need to understand their implications. Could you point out three key performance indicators that are essential to gauge success? Considers [inserta las métricas específicas que tienes, como me gusta, comentarios, compartidos, tasas de clics, conversiones, etc.]. Based on the data of these metrics [proporciona cualquier dato o información específica que hayas recopilado]What specific strategies should I implement to refine my content and increase its viral potential?

7 GPT Chat Prompts for Viral Ideas

And as a special bonus, in the podcast I provided seven specific prompts that you can use with Chat GPT to generate content ideas with viral potential. These prompts are valuable tools that can transform the way you think and create content.

Conclusion: Virality Within Everyone’s Reach

In short, the episode was a gold mine of information and strategies for anyone looking to increase the visibility of their content and generate a greater impact on their audience. GPT technology is here to open doors and show us paths that we may not have considered before. I hope these tips are as useful to you as they have been to me and that you can apply them to take your content to the next level.

Remember, digital marketing is constantly evolving, and staying up to date is key to success.

Juan Merodio

Juan Merodio is an expert in Digital Marketing and Popularizer of the New Economy (Web3, Blockchain, NFTs…). He has founded the company that bears his own name, Juan Merodio, and from where he and his team coordinate and develop business consulting in Marketing and Digital Transformation for companies in different parts of the world such as Spain, Latin America, Japan, Canada and the United States.

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