If you are dedicated to content creation, you are probably wondering how to be a youtuber and make money on YouTube beyond the typical advertising seen in the videos.

What can you generate more income with? What options will be the most profitable for your channel? In this post we explain everything in detail according to the experience we have acquired living from our own channels.

Tips to be a YouTuber and monetize your audience

  1. Choose a theme that you are good at it, you like it, and it can be monetized. For example, the travel or pet sector is very good for making money, since there are many people willing to spend a lot of money on traveling or taking care of their pet.
  2. Humor channels or those that cover a very general audience can reach a very wide audience, but not having a defined professional audience can be more difficult to monetize. It has worked better for me to do professional channels on a specific topiclike talking only about digital marketing or website creation.
  3. See constant y replica the formats that work best on your channel. If you make talk shows that work, make more. If you make topical videos that work, make more too. The key is to try many formats, improve your editing and video quality, until you find one that works for you.
  4. Get inspired by what works for your competition. Enter the competing channels and filter by “Popular” to see which videos of your competition have been the most viewed, in case you are also interested in making one on those topics.
  5. Haz SEO on YouTube to position your videos in the platform’s search engine. If a lot of people search for “How to take care of my dog,” make a video about it so that people who search for it on YouTube can find it. This will provide you with constant long-term visits, without having to depend on uploading other videos, since if it is well positioned, all the people who search for it will find you and visit you over time.

SEO competition analysis on YouTube

Position videos on YouTube

As for the ways to make money on YouTube we have the following:

YouTube Programmatic Advertising

YouTube programmatic advertising are the ads that we see before starting a video, in the middle or at the end of it. It is called programmatic because it is what YouTube itself schedules automatically for each video. When you click on a video, it is YouTube’s own algorithm that decides which ad to show you.

We could say that you will earn €1 for every 1,000 visits and it would be a more or less accurate figure, but you should know that the income you will obtain from your ads will vary greatly taking into account aspects such as:

  • The location of the person visiting you. A visit from Spain is better paid than one from Latin America. Or an English-speaking country usually pays better than a Spanish-speaking one. This is because advertisers’ bids depend on the country.
  • The type of ad displayed. Whether they see the entire ad, the location, or whether it is skippable or not influences whether they offer you one amount or another. The ads that cannot be skipped are the ones that tend to pay the best.
  • The theme of your videos. Depending on the topic you cover in your videos, you will reach some companies or others. If your topic is well paid (such as talking about Apple or eCommerce), then you will earn more money for your visits.

Additionally, to place programmatic advertising ads on YouTube you must meet certain requirements which are not entirely easy to achieve if you do not already have a loyal audience or many visits:

  • 1,000 subscribers
  • 4,000 hours of viewing in your videos in the last 365 days.

To reach these minimums, I recommend making somewhat long videos (20-minute tutorials, for example) to accumulate more hours of viewing than with 1 or 2-minute videos, with which it will be difficult for you to reach those 4,000 hours you need.

That is, if you have 1,000 visitors who watch a complete 1-minute video, you will have 1,000 minutes of viewing. But if you have 1,000 views on a 20-minute video and they watch it in its entirety, you will have 20,000 minutes of viewing, thus accelerating the pace at which you reach the required minimum.


Sponsor on YouTube (1)

Personally, I can confirm that living off sponsorships with your YouTube channel is one of the best ways to monetize your content, and that done correctly It brings benefits to you as a creator, as well as to the viewer and the sponsoring company..

The key here is specialization: Have a channel that covers a specific topic, rather than a generic one. If you talk about everything, you will not have a well-defined target audience and you will not interest companies.

However, if all the people who watch your channel are interested in a specific area (gardening, for example) all the companies in that field will be crazy trying to negotiate a sponsorship with you to reach your audience, even if it is not millions of people. spectators.

The more specialized you are, the fewer visits you will need to charge well for your sponsorshipssince you will be reaching a very specific specialized audience.

To get ideas from sponsors, you can spy on your competition’s channels or events in your sector, and see if there are companies that sponsor them. If they do, it is because they have a budget allocated for marketing.

Remember that Integrity and transparency are important in sponsorships. Make sure you are transparent with your audience and that sponsorships do not compromise the quality or honesty of your content.

Sale of products or services

If you have an online store in which you sell products related to your topic, or services such as consulting or training, improving your corporate or personal brand from a YouTube channel can be an excellent option.

In addition, there are more advantages:

  1. Loyal audience: If you already have a loyal audience that enjoys your content, they may be interested in purchasing products and services that you recommend. As a content creator, you have a relationship with your audience and they can trust your recommendations.
  2. Diversify income– Selling products and services can be an effective way to generate additional income from your YouTube channel. This can be particularly beneficial if you are looking to diversify your income sources and not rely exclusively on advertising revenue.
  3. You have the control– When selling your own products or services, you have control over the content you share and how you present it. You can get creative and customize the offer to fit your audience and content style.


Merchandising youtuber

If you have loyal followers or a big brand, people could proudly wear products related to your company or channel. If not, another good option would be to do merchandising, but not for your brand, but of the profession or the topic you are talking about in general on your channel and that can be funny or curious to wear.

To do this, you can use e-commerce platforms like Shopify or Teespring to create and sell your own merchandise. There you can create custom designs and offer a variety of products, such as t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, stickers, etc. and then promote these products in your YouTube videos.

Channel Members and Super Chat

YouTube channel members and super chat

Channel members are paying subscribers who make a financial contribution (you can choose from €0.99 to €99.99) to support your content and enjoy the benefits you have designed for them.

To enable the channel members option, a content creator must have at least 1,000 subscribers and be part of the program YouTube Partnersas well as other less relevant requirements.

Users who pay for this subscription as members of your channel can receive insignia in your username to the comment, emojis unique for your comments, videos only for them, enable chats in your members-only live streams, and any other exclusive content that other normal subscribers wouldn’t have.

In the case of Super Chat, it refers to the donations from any user towards you. These can be done during the broadcast of a live broadcast on YouTube. Super Chat is a way for viewers to show their support for content creators and make their messages more visible during a live broadcast.

When a viewer makes a donation through Super Chat, Your message turns a bright color and stays at the top of the chat for a set timewhich makes it more visible to the YouTuber and other viewers.

Indirect benefits of working on your personal brand

Indirectly, working on a YouTube channel will give you the opportunity to work on your personal or corporate brand, which will lead to collaborations and job opportunities as your community grows and you reach other professionals:

  • They may call you to give conferences or charlas in universities, assembly halls throughout the country, or events related to the topic you talk about on your channel.
  • You will have more possibilities to publish your book with a publisher, since you will have an attractive community of followers for said publishers.
  • You will attract the attention of other companies in the sector that want to continue learning from you more closely. For this reason, they will surely write to you to make training or private advice to companies or other people who trust you thanks to your videos.

These advantages are just the beginning of working on your channel constantly and with a well-defined strategy, so we highly encourage you to that you become a youtuber and value all the possibilities you have to make money with your channel on YouTube.

And for you, has your channel been going well? What way of making money has been the most profitable for you?

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