The bio of your profile on social networks is your letter of introduction to the world, it is the first thing you notice when you follow someone. You have a few characters to show the world that you have something interesting to say before they realize otherwise.

Whether on Instagram, TikTok or any other network, the key is that your biography talks about you and bears little or no resemblance to other people’s.

Specifically, there are some repetitive formulas that you should avoid if you want to have an authentic biography on your social media profile.

«Expert@ a…»

How many times have you heard top experts in a sector say that they are experts? Certainly few. When someone is an expert in something, they show it by doing it, not saying it. in his bio.

If you think you are an expert, there are less arrogant formulas that provide information about your field of work or your passion without you yourself judging your level of knowledge about it.

“Passionate about…”

If you dedicate yourself to something, putting passion into it is what will contribute the most to you and what you do. However, “passionate about” has become an all-too-recurring topic. More in a bio. It won’t differentiate you.

The term has been devalued and has come to mean “I quite like it”, “not bad”, and finally “I think I know what it means”. It has become so corrupted that it means nothing, and therefore, it does not contribute.

«My bio is my CV»

A person is more than what they have studied or where they have worked, and your bio should reflect who you are with as much detail as possible.


You don’t have to put a hash mark before each word. Hashtags have a purpose, whether to tag content, humor, make it easier to find… It is an exercise in either categorization or branding, but never filler.

“My opinions are my own”

Unless you work in a medium with an editorial line that forces you to clarify it, which totally justifies it, It is understood that your opinions are your own.. Specifying it is unnecessary and tedious.

2.0 from 3.0

Understood, you have a blog and you live in this digital world, but don’t forget that the person who is reading you does too. The term is so vague that it can mean anything.if you really do something special in the online world, express it in a way that sets you apart. Demonstrate by doing, as we have said before.

Use phrases from others

And this includes famous quotes, motivational phrases, movie clips… The best way to describe yourself shouldn’t be things others have done.. A hint, if it’s from Paulo Coelho, don’t do it.


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