The uncertainty surrounding the specific functions of Community Managers and the success of contests, offers, discounts and coupons, typical of the rise of geolocation and collective purchases, are recurring themes that capture a high level of popularity whose analysis allows Identify trends that can be transformed into successful businesses.

But… how do you create an online contest?…

There are several platforms that provide exceptional help to capture user-generated content and translate it into an online contest (mysort,,…), users play a decisive role with their participation and promotion of the contest on Facebook and twitter.

But without a doubt, the best way to prepare an online contest is by carrying out a series of prior actions that tend to optimize the method to be followed, thus expanding its efficiency and opening new possibilities for success.

Goals: Online contests are the best way to attract new users and achieve the active participation of followers, which undoubtedly translates into an increase in visits to the associated Web portal. However, and with no intention other than to show reality, expectations should be rather conservative and focused on the specific objectives to be achieved.

Relevance and added value: This is another item of great importance to create an online contest since it must satisfy the needs that link users to the business.

Incentives and Community Manager: The granting of incentives to actively participate in an online contest is one of the most positive actions of the CMs in this regard. The implementation of a contest open to voting increases competitiveness and will be integrated into social networks in order to reach those who are not part of the specific community.

Many CMs know that it is necessary for them to have a personal blog that offers the support they will need to include videos in their contests. Likewise, they must have the backing of a Facebook group that allows them to guide and resolve the doubts of the users. users.

But the actions of the CMs to create an online contest do not end on Facebook, Twitter begins to acquire relevance for brands that see in the microblogging platform a boost for online contests and therefore… to achieve customer loyalty. users with the brand.

The launch of an online contest on Twitter must begin when the contest is structured; in general terms, contests on Twitter operate in a similar way to the rest of the social networks.

– The first thing to do is analyze current legislation in the city where the brand is registered and obviously, be very clear that a Twitter contest is not a promotion but must follow all the steps inherent to a social media business plan.
Establish a link that leads to the contest rules and regulations. These must be clear and concise and of course, you must carry out your own actions to promote your contest in order to promote it among your followers.
– Los data that should not be missing in a contest online are: Name, Start and end date and List of prizes, the more the better, this way users will feel that they have a better chance of winning and will be encouraged to participate.
Create a specific URL for each award and a specific hashtag as well. This is vitally important to be transmitted, when you send an email or any other communication channel.
– Make a Track participation in your contest through specific software that measures the evolution of hashtags.
– The promotion It should be presented as an online marketing campaignobjectives, ROI analysis, deadlines, promotion, etc…. are items that you must take into account when planning.

If done conscientiously, if all the steps are carried out to achieve good promotion, monitoring, marketing and recruitment, contests on social networks – Facebook and Twitter – can be great allies in building loyalty and increasing reputation. online and constitute a magnificent starting point for launching a virtual store… online contests are very positive experiences for brands interested in online commerce and collective purchases.

Finally, here we leave you a demonstrative video on the actions to follow to implement an online contest on Facebook, created by Juan Merodio’s blog.

Via: Wwwhatsnews


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