Audience and content are the two most relevant aspects of social networks from the perspective of a professional in the sector. No matter how much imagination we put into it, sometimes it is difficult to generate original content or ground-breaking tweets, either because we are not inspired that day or because we do not have time to be creative when we are worried about other topics such as SEO or monetization, for example. However, there are many ways to get more audiences and content on social media. Let’s see how to get ideas for new publications, whatever type they may be.

Stay up to date with the latest news…

Being present on the Internet means knowing what is happening at a local, regional, national and international level. Reality is captured on social networks at the speed of light, and we must be updated with the most detailed information. To do this, we can access the big newspapers (from the local one to the New York Times or Le Monde) and see what is most read; or better yet, the most shared.

…and most viral

If you work a lot with Twitter, you should know what the Trending Topic of the day is – often related to the point above. There are endless tools that help you search for the most popular hashtags by region, something very useful to show our audience that we are up to date. We can also check what has been shared the most on social networks, through pages like BuzzSumo or by taking a look at Google trends.

Activate Google alerts

If we use Gmail (which we surely do) we can create themed alerts to find new content published on the web. So, for example, if we have a technology blog, we subscribe to new articles on keywords that interest us, such as “mobile phones”, “technology” or “gadgets”. And the same with other topics.

Expand the borders

It is clear that quality content is very important to achieve a good audience and retain them. However, we should not stick to purely written content or topics to talk about. We can combine our publications with images, videos and Gifs that help us achieve the same objective in a more dynamic, fun and attractive way for the user. Of course, try to be original, link it to your theme – don’t just put a viral video of kittens on your cooking blog – and give it your particular point of view. The best thing is that you generate them yourself.

Automated ideas in Portent

As the last resource on the list I am going to give you a very useful and original website for when we run out of ideas: Portent. We just have to write the topic about which we are lacking ideas and the same website (without any installations) autogenerates titles of random publications. For example, if we put “social media”, it gives us the following answers: “Ten reasons why you should be talking about social networks” or “Why do social networks never work the way we expect?”

Via: María Rosa Diez

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