The obsession with traffic takes us upside down How to drive traffic to my website? It is the eternal question, but it is a reality. We have to stop and think a little about whether we have the initial foundations well established before starting to generate traffic in any way. The first thing, and we have talked about this not many posts ago, is to think very well if we want generate quality traffic or not, implementing a mixed strategy can also be very interesting, although with qualifications, it is not valid for all sites.

When on this occasion I speak of quality trafficI’m talking about potential buyers of the product that already They know the brand and are very close to the purchase decision. In this post I will focus on the traffic generation through a social media strategybut instead of doing it theoretically I would like to do it with a practical case.

I explained this case in the Foxize Opening Day in Alicante where I met great professionals from the world of the internet and who will be teachers at this headquarters.

I like to compare websites with oasismany are very beautiful, well designed, structured, with calls to action, but when someone arrives at that site it is because they have gotten lost. We must propose paths, roads and shortcuts so that users reach our site and that is where social media enters one of those paths as another channel to generate traffic with its own philosophy and message.

Be clear about the OBJECTIVE

Setting an objective is the first step; the fact that it does not exist or is poorly planned will jeopardize all the actions we take.

Case: the company Severin which already had a presence in Spain in national distribution circuits, intended to reach the general public where it was not known and we proposed a strategy on social media to generate that interest in the brand. They did not intend to sell online because they did not offer that possibility on their website, and they also had distributors by area.


The commercial web fulfills an objective, but the social website meets another. The creation of a blog is like the place of conversation, where all the information is consolidated. company social information.

Case: The Severin brand is the surname of the founder, something like Fernandez in Spain. Many appearances on Google, but not many of the company, rather none. We created the concept fansfood, a game related to food, creating a sense of belonging to everything related to cooking and gastronomy in general.

Create PATHS

As I mentioned in the introduction creating the right paths is importantbut it is more important, if possible, that these paths in the form of social platforms have the appropriate frequency and content.

Case: We created the social channels, the center of operations was the blog, Facebook and YouTube.


Any action on social media, no matter how small, has to have its own identity, easily identifiable and memorable.

Case: We generated an identifiable concept “fansfood” since they were actions with the same concept but with different brand products. The idea was to find the number 1, the one who makes the best barbecues in Spain, the same thing happened with the fundees and coffee, etc. An image and a corporate image were created for the action and design and a very elaborate copy.


You should try to get someone to help you, especially if you are in the initial phase, to get someone to help you amplify the message.

Case: What could be better than organizing a BlogTrip with 12 of the most read gastronomy bloggers in Spain and different social media specialists to involve them in the project. Make a promotional video and make a video display.

EXPERIENTIAL, let them enjoy

What better than users having a real experience with your brand or product, that they live it.

Case: Through a Facebook application, in the first phase, the 17 best barbecue organizers were nominated. They presented themselves and had to collect 100 endorsements/votes that helped them be the representative for their autonomous community. They all received at home a kit to organize the barbecue at home (Barbecue, apron, special utensils, t-shirts, etc.). The objective is that you organize a barbecue and you will demonstrate it to be chosen as the number 1 in Spain.

PARTICIPATORY, that does not lower the attention

Try to keep users active throughout the action, proposing games to energize the entire action, don’t leave it to their initiative, call to action.

Case: Throughout the action the Community Manager generated interest, proposing challenges beyond the contest.

CONNECTOR, excites

Look for emotion to find participation. Get to know your fans, investigate what they like most with the Facebook tool to evaluate the impact of the content.

Case: The participants, at the proposals of the Community Manager and on the participants’ own initiative, uploaded photos with their gifts, their previous photos before organizing the barbecue.

CREATE and reward

A content creation proposal to users must entail an emotional and economic reward for participation to exist.

Case: The finalists made videos where they showed their skill in setting up barbecues. Originality, the number of diners invited to the barbecue and the staging were valued. The jury was the bloggers invited to the blogtrip.

PROACTIVITY, the wall is all yours

When fans and followers They link to the brand because the content is interesting and they fit, there is proactivity on their part, they become content generators.

Case: The fans linked to the brand in a spectacular way, they uploaded photos of Severin products that they had at home, they did not know the brand, but it was Facebook that made them recognize a brand that they had at home.

After this action there were many users who They asked where to buy the products and the only one who sold online was a distributor who did so through Pixmanía. After this action, the company has a store on Amazon and redcoon where you can buy online.

If you realize the process has been in reverse, there was no objective of selling online, but after generating a social activity related to the product, traffic is generated to an online store to buy. If you are thinking about generating traffic, one of the options you have is through social media, but it is a medium-long-term channel where if you manage to engage with your audience you will have potential clients connected to your brand who will be buyers.

Do you have any experience to tell us? The debate is always the most interesting.

Via: Paco Viudes


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