The SocialBlaBla team has received a security alert about a dangerous account on Twitter: @MktSeoExpert.

According to what the guys from Red Security say on their website, this user offered an SEO job in New York with a salary of more than 97,000 dollars per year. However, this user did not offer a contact email to send CV, or the “company” website, or real name. Even his photo is taken from a template, a photo that is used on many websites, although he changes it regularly.

This is a screenshot of a RT made by a user, since after publishing this news the offer was deleted:

Red Security reported that it had detected that this user was asking for bank details from someone requesting more information about the supposed job offer. Among others, the bank account, which is why Network Security warns that it may be a case of Phishing (collect bank details so you can later use them to your advantage). This ploy has been on the Internet for more than two years.

This is a good Social Media exercise: What would be your reaction when you see these dangerous accounts?

Update: We have gotten Twitter to suspend the @MKTSeoExpert account due to its dangerousness.

The SocialBlaBla team


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