The objective of offering good content is to approach new users so that they become followers of your brand and get those you already have to continue reading you. It may be that you have been successful for a while, but now your content is shared less, or that the number of users who follow you has stagnated. It’s time to check why and analyze what you have to change. Let’s go over the guidelines that I think you should take into account.

Keys to getting good content

  1. Give your blog visitors reasons to visit your page frequently: of course creating original content that people cannot easily find anywhere else. Develop templates, E-books with instructions, tips or keys to follow for the proper functioning of something….. quotes, etc. For example, your brand may have to do with the textile world, the people who read your blog are interested in fashion, why not publish a small E-book that shows how to make a simple skirt? The objective of your content must be that the reader finds your content useful, fun and worth reading. If you only post occasionally, the reader will not return to your page.
  2. SEO: Give maximum importance to the SEO of your content. Use the appropriate keywords (once you have verified which words are related to your brand or product that users search for most), and try to introduce them in the titles and subtitles of your texts, in the first paragraph of your content and in the name. what you give to the videos or images. You can use very practical SEO tools. Optimize your texts now, and if you already did, review your keywords and try to use them appropriately.
  3. Guestblogging: accept posts from other people. Not only will they bring a fresh air to your blog but they will also offer you other advantages such asgenerating new traffic to your blog and attracting new readers. If you like what you read, you will surely come back.
  4. Linkbuilding: Make sure you include in your content at least one link to another of your good contents on your blog, Of course it is related to the topic you are dealing with. This will make them realize that you really offer good content and make them subscribe to your blog. On the other hand you must also put at least one link to an article from an external page, which must be of quality. This way you will increase the traffic to your blog.
  5. Split very long posts into several posts. It is not fun to read a post that is too long. A length of approximately 500 words is recommended. If you have a lot to tell, don’t hesitate, divide your post into several parts and publish one at a time. Once you publish them, make sure to link them so that the reader has access to all the information.
  6. Use Social Media creatively. We still see a lot of good content and when we want to share it we can’t find the Twitter button, for example. Make sure that the content can be shared appropriately, optimize the Twitter buttons so that when someone wants to share, the title of your post, the link and your Twitter account appear directly.
    On the other hand, once you have a few thousand followers on your accounts, you have also gained an audience of colleagues who share content of interest to your sector as well as your content.
  7. Organize agreements with other colleagues in your same sector and make sure that they share your content at the same time that you share theirs since this way you will both win.

What else do you think can be improved when it comes to making the content more successful? Thanks for your comments!.

Via: Passionate about Social Networks

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