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Kimberose: A voice that comes from the soul

Kimberose is an English singer and songwriter born in London in 1989. She is known for her powerful and soulful voice, which she uses to sing about love, loss, and hope.

Kimberose began her musical career in her teens, singing in rock and soul bands. In 2016, she released her first solo single, “About Us”, which was a hit on French radio. Her debut album, “I’m Sorry”, was released in 2017 and was critically acclaimed.

Kimberose is a talented and charismatic artist who is quickly conquering the music world. She is a powerful voice that has much to say.

Kimberose’s voice

Kimberose’s voice is her trademark. She has an impressive vocal range and an ability to convey emotions through her music. She is able to sing with strength and intensity, but also with delicacy and sensitivity.

Kimberose says that her voice is inspired by a variety of artists, including Etta James, Billie Holiday, and Amy Winehouse. She is also a fan of gospel and soul music.

Kimberose’s music

Kimberose’s songs are generally about love, loss, and hope. She writes about her own personal experiences, but also about the experiences of others. Her music is honest and moving, and she always manages to touch the hearts of the audience.

Kimberose says that her music is a way of expressing herself and connecting with others. She believes that music can change the world.

Kimberose’s success

Kimberose is an emerging artist who is quickly conquering the music world. She has already won several awards, including the Victoire de la Musique for Best Female Revelation in 2018.

She has performed at major festivals, such as Rock en Seine and the Montreux Jazz Festival. She has also toured Europe and North America.

Kimberose is an artist with a lot to offer. She is a powerful voice that has much to say.

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