Kiyosaki, a supporter of Bitcoin (BTC), suggests there is still light at the end of the tunnel for the ailing US economy.

Robert Kiyosaki, a prominent Bitcoin investor and the author of the well-known financial management book “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” shared his insights on the current state of the US economy on X (formerly Twitter). While the outlook doesn’t seem too positive, he indicated there may still be hope.

“Question: Is the US economy in a DEPRESSION?
Answer: Yes
Definition of a depression: an economy with substandard growth. In other words, the economy may be growing, but below potential.
The Q4 2023 economy grew by 3.4%.
The economy in the first quarter of 2024 grew by 1.6%, less than half.
It won’t be a soft landing.
Don’t believe fake news. Get the facts, prepare and be careful.”

The US economy is in depression, but there’s a catch: Kiyosaki

Despite a bleak outlook for the US economy, Kiyosaki sheds an interesting perspective on the situation. He claims that the current state is not necessarily a full-blown depression, but rather a period of sub-par growth. While he acknowledges that the economy is not performing at its peak, he points out that there is still some level of growth, albeit below optimal levels.


While Kiyosaki doubts there will be a soft landing for the US economy, he maintains an optimistic outlook given the economy’s continued growth regardless of circumstances. He also advises his readers to be vigilant against fake news. Moreover, according to his previous tweets, the financial expert has made and continues to make a significant financial bet on the world’s leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

The crypto community’s reaction to Kiyosaki’s statement was mixed

In response to the comment from Kiyosaki, the cryptocurrency community rushed to respond to Kiyosaki’s tweet. While some users supported his position and appreciated his insights, others were more critical.

One XRP-oriented account even suggested revising the definition of depression according to Kiyosaki’s tweet. While some criticized Kiyosaki, others reminded him of his love for Bitcoin. Overall, most comments were positive, praising Bitcoin and thanking Kiyosaki for his inspiring tweets.

According to Kiyosaki, Bitcoin will rise to $100,000 this year

He stated earlier this year that he expected this to happen by September. He cited the BTC halving as one of the main drivers for this prediction, which took place on April 19-20 depending on time zone.

The author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad” also revealed that he planned to buy an additional ten Bitcoins before the halving in anticipation of a significant price increase.


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