Australia has reached an important milestone. There are now 1,000 active crypto ATMs in the country. This makes it now the third largest hub for bitcoin ATMs in the world.

ATMs in the world

Data from Coin ATM Radar shows that Australia may now join the United States and Canada as countries with more than a thousand ATMs.

Currently, Australia represents 2.7% of the world’s ATM market. The United States is clearly the market leader in that regard. with no fewer than 31,170 machines. This gives it 82.8% of the market share. Canada follows with 2,918 devices at 7.8%.

Australia as a country is already “bigger” in terms of ATM penetration than Asia, and it also appears to be overtaking Europe. With 1,617 ATMs, our continent accounts for 4.3% of all ATMs in the world, to which Spain and Poland in particular make an important contribution.

The Netherlands is a small player in the market with 36 ATMs. Other nice statistics: El Salvador has 215 ATMs (of which 199 are known to belong to Chivo), Germany has 194 ATMs and small Hong Kong has no fewer than 157.

Chivo is the initiative of the government in El Salvador, where in addition to the wallet, the ATMs have also been rolled out in collaboration with Athena Bitcoin. The fee for exchanging bitcoin and US dollars is zero. These ATMs have not yet implemented the lightning network, to the dissatisfaction of local bitcoiners.


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