The law that could ban TikTok from the United States will be discussed in September this year. The United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit has set a date to hear arguments from ByteDance and content creators opposing the legislation.

TikTok filed a lawsuit against the bill in early May. In the company’s view, the bill is unconstitutional.

In the action opened by the group of content creators, the main argument is the violation of First Amendment rights to the U.S. Constitution. Removing the application in the country would prevent creators from communicating with the platform’s own audience.

The United States Department of Justice will hear from TikTok and content creators with open actions against the new legislation.Fonte:  GettyImages

Initially, the bill aimed to establish a financial aid package for US-allied countries. However, the text underwent several revisions, until it established rules related to the operations of foreign companies in the country — including ByteDance.

In fact, the legislation does not ban TikTok specifically, but requires ByteDance to sell (or collaborate) with North American companies to continue operating in the country. However, ByteDance would rather stop operating in the US than sell the application to a foreign company.

Currently, the bill has already passed through the United States Legislature and was signed into law by US President Joe Biden. On the same day the law was approved, the CEO of TikTok released an official statement on the platform.


Response to TikTok Ban Bill

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New discussions about the bill will take place in September this year, reinforcing ByteDance’s interest in reversing the decision as quickly as possible. Even though the United States is not one of the platform’s largest markets, the country should occupy a strategic position for the company.


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