Cristiano Ronaldo and Binance have announced a new partnership for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) called “Forever Worldwide: The Road to Saudi Arabia”. The new collection follows Ronaldo’s journey from Madeira to global football fame, offering fans unique real-life experiences and rewards.

The NFT collection highlights key locations in Ronaldo’s life and career, including Madeira, Lisbon, Manchester, Madrid, Turin, Saudi Arabia and Portugal. Artists with personal ties to each of these places have been selected as NFT designers. Ronaldo expressed his enthusiasm for the project and emphasized the sentimental value of each location in the collection, saying:

“I’m excited that this new NFT collection with Binance fans will offer pieces of my journey through my football story. Each place in ‘Forever Worldwide: The Road to Saudi Arabia’ means a lot to me personally and I can’t wait for fans to see the big moments of my career through this special art collection. Collaborating with artists who truly capture the feeling of each place makes this experience even more sentimental, and as NFTs these moments in my journey can live on forever.”

Sarah Dale, Head of Brand Partnerships at Binance, highlighted the innovative aspect of the collection, saying:

“Cristiano Ronaldo’s incredible journey from humble beginnings to football legend has not only inspired fans around the world, but has taken us all on that incredible ride. To capture this journey, we worked with him to create our most remarkable NFT collection yet, offering the very best rewards ever offered to sports fans, while providing a platform for incredible talent with personal connections to iconic locations in Cristiano’s to live. Together we are committed to redefining fan engagement in sports, and this collection does that by opening new horizons of NFT functionality and levels of fan connections.”

The new NFT collection will launch in two issues during the upcoming football season, followed by an auction in June for a limited set of super rare NFTs. Drop 1 starts on May 29 and features artwork from Madeira, Lisbon and Manchester. Artists Katt Phatt, Rodrigo Doin and John Sheehan provide designs that reflect Ronaldo’s early career.

Drop 2, launching on June 6, includes artworks for Madrid, Turin and Saudi Arabia. Spanish artist Lisett Ledón, Italy’s Pasquale Garibaldi and Saudi artist Shaker Kashgari will portray Ronaldo’s success in these regions. The first collection will be available exclusively on the Binance NFT Marketplace starting May 29, 2024.

This June, a special collection of seven super rare NFTs from Mr. Dheo to be auctioned. These NFTs honor Ronaldo’s commitment to his home country and offer exclusive rewards such as a trip to Riyadh and a personalized goal celebration with the soccer star. Fans can win one of the special SSR NFTs through a quiz starting June 11. Each NFT costs $35, except for the limited SSR NFTs, and collectors can earn rewards such as vintage shirts, football tickets and personalized messages from Ronaldo.


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