Scammers are posing as employees of the Binance crypto exchange platform by making you believe that you have won a reward.

“Hello I’m Michael Jason, Analyst at Binance and I wish you all the best for your day.” This user, with a familiar name to say the least, poses as a professional on the cryptocurrency exchange platform in a group entitled “Fortune Train E112” on Whatsapp. This is obviously a scam. These hackers contact users of the application directly on Whatsapp, posing as members of the Binance team.

“This is an official discussion created (sic) by Binance to celebrate its 7th anniversary and prepare for promotion on the market,” says “Binance Ange-Kelly”, who is presented by the famous Michael Jason as his assistant. It promises added users (described as “lucky” in its posts) rewards of up to $100,000 in cryptocurrencies, “various exquisite Binance gifts,” and “materials for learning cryptocurrency trading technology.”

Screenshot of WhatsApp group.
Screenshot of WhatsApp group. © BFM BUSINESS

A group created by an Indonesian number

When we look at the details of this group comprising nearly 300 people, we notice that it was created on December 27, 2020 by a number whose code refers to Indonesia (+62). A suspicious number for Binance whose head office is located in the Cayman Islands.

When some users ask questions about being added to this group, they are immediately echoed by other users who respond not to worry since Binance has their phone number. “I guess it’s because we are all Binance users that this official information is available,” retorts a user whose dialing code refers to the United Kingdom (+44).

On its website, Binance reminds its users “that it does not use Whatsapp, has not created any official group there and will never contact them through this platform”. Before concluding: “Anyone claiming to represent Binance on WhatsAapp is trying to mislead or scam you.”


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