In the ever-changing world of cryptocurrency, there are constant new trends. It is also a given that crypto gambling is becoming increasingly popular. This can also be seen in Scorpion Casino’s successful presale that has already raised more than $10 million.

Scorpion Casino distinguishes itself from many other casinos because, in addition to regular games, it also offers the option of different games. Is that why the casino managed to raise more than $4 million in assets within a month?

No, that is thanks to the new LBank platform. LBank is an exchange that lists the best cryptocurrency casinos, and Scorpion Casino is one of them. These latest investments bode well for the Scorpion Casino presale that ends in a week.

These investments show that there is a lot of interest in the launch of Scorpion Casino. In this article we will discuss what the crypto casino has to offer and how the ecosystem of the platform works.

Scorpion Casino (SCORP) is a unique crypto casino platform

Scorpion Casino presale

The user experience at Scorpion Casino is focused on three essential elements: the Scorpion Casino platform itself, the affiliate program, and the SCORP token.

The Scorpion Casino platform is of course the central place to gamble with crypto. A wide range of casino games is offered through partnerships with the largest software providers such as Evolution, NetEnt, Play N Go, Novomatic, EGT, and AMATIC.

There are several options offered to earn extra rewards and the affiliate program is one of them. The program functions as a reward system when you bring new players to the Scorpion Casino ecosystem. You will be richly rewarded when you refer new players to the platform, so you can continue playing for hours for free.

The SCORP token is the token that supports the entire Scorpion Casino ecosystem. The token serves as both a governance token and a way to receive rewards. Token holders have the right to make decisions about the future of the platform. When you help build and flourish the ecosystem, you will also earn extra bonuses.

In November last year, the platform underwent a major transformation, adding no fewer than 20 new features, such as a new interface and a new look. Furthermore, the team is actively working to form new business relationships with a long-term vision.

SCORP presale is almost coming to an end

The Scorpion Casino presale has reached a major milestone. It raised more than $10 million in investments during the presale. With this we can also predict that the platform will become a new popular crypto casino. Scorpion Casino can work out all their roadmap plans.

With a current price of $0.048 for the SCORP token and an expected listing of $0.050, we will see where the price will end up in no time. In the meantime, we recommend that you purchase the token by exchanging your ETH, USDT or BNB against the coin.

A total of 1 billion SCORP tokens have been created, of which 280 million will be sold in the presale. 300 million tokens have been set aside for the affiliate program and the rest will be used for marketing purposes and other rewards.

For example, presale investors can receive a 500% bonus on top of their first investment. When you invest $100,000 or more in the project, you are guaranteed a 40% bonus on top of your credit.

The Scorpion Members Club is another feature that Scorpion Casino brings to the table. Elite members receive bonuses, VIP services and cashback and larger staking rewards. These members also receive a larger share of the tokens, which gives them more control over further developments on the platform.

Scorpion Casino CoverScorpion Casino Cover

You can play at Scorpion Casino with various popular crypto coins, but you get the most benefit from the SCORP token. For example, you get extra passive income, extra games, weekly bonuses and access to the affiliate program.

Scorpion Casino’s staking mechanism offers daily rewards of up to 10,000 USDT for investors who already staked their tokens during the presale. From the Gold Scorpion NFT you also get 5-20% staking bonuses in both USDT and SCORP.

The interest of many investors is aroused by a new ‘fortress’ network. You will receive 10% of the tokens during the launch and 10 phases will be set up. During each phase, 10% of the token supply will be released. Each phase lasts 10 days.

Finally, the team says that they are constantly working on updates for the Scorpion Casino platform. They say they are now working on various exchange listings. According to several rumors, there may be a CEX among these. Go to the Scorpion Casino website now and start investing.


The Scorpion Casino (SCORP) presale has entered its final phase. So now investors have the last chance to invest in the project and get the SCORP token for a cheap price. The platform offers several ways to make money with crypto, including a potential passive income of $10,000. This has already attracted many investors to the presale.

Furthermore, there is an ecosystem where you can earn both USDT and SCORP tokens, an affiliate program for extra bonuses, and options for NFTs and memberships for even more rewards. So we definitely recommend that you take a look at the Scorpion Casino presale.

Disclaimer: This article contains insights from independent authors and is not part of’s editorial content. This is not investment advice, please do your own research.


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