Like any other meeting place on the web, Twitter has become a hiding place for harassers who annoy and provoke other users with inappropriate comments.. Faced with trolls on the internet microbloggingAs the saying goes, the best contempt is not to appreciate. But, in addition to the now classic don’t feed the trolls What we learned in forums and blogs, there are other tricks to protect ourselves from malicious Twitter profiles. The security firm Kaspersky offers several keys to keep our account safe.

1. General cleaning of followers. Kaspersky recommends frequently reviewing our list of followers on Twitter to block those we do not consider appropriate and thus prevent them from reading our tweets and updates. If we use a Twitter client such as Tweetcaster, Plume, tweeTRO or Tweetdeck, we will most likely have to “research” its features before finding the blocking option.

2. Protect your account from usurpers with a strong password. By robust, Kaspersky means a long key, without words included in dictionaries and that combines letters and numbers. Twitter also recently announced the implementation of a double verification system.

3. Be careful with trending topics, since these are usually used as hiding places byspammers y trollswho can pose as victims of a tragedy, says Kaspersky, as long as users click on their malicious links.

4. As we mentioned recently in an articlewe should not blindly trust shortened URLsespecially if we do not know its sender.

5. The information personal such as telephone numbers and postal addresses should not be shared on Twittermuch less those confidential data that can help cybercriminals and trolls in their attacks.

6. We should also not access our personal email profiles and social networks through public WiFi networksfrom public computers or from someone else’s computer.

Via: TicBeat


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