On my journey as a marketing leader at the forefront of the beauty universe, where innovation meets art, I realized something fundamental: magic lies not just in the products we create, but also in the wisdom we share. At the heart of our strategy is the belief that by carving out knowledge pathways for our partners and customers, we are not only enhancing our market presence, but also weaving the fabric of a richer, more empowered industry.

The Art of Sharing Knowledge

Imagine for a moment, every retailer, esthetician, or beauty enthusiast, not just as a recipient of our products, but as a narrator of our story. When we light these paths with training, we are actually lighting flashlights that illuminate the values ​​and effectiveness of our brand in every corner of the market. This is an addition game, where each piece of shared knowledge multiplies our reach and depth.

Value Beyond Commercial

Dedicating yourself to education in the sector transcends the act of selling. It is a promise of quality, a guarantee that each product not only reaches the consumer, but also brings with it a legacy of knowledge. This investment in people – whether through specialized training for professionals or enriching content for consumers – cultivates fertile ground for innovation and satisfaction.

The Quiet AI Revolution

And where does technology come into this story? Artificial intelligence, with its almost invisible touch, is redefining the limits of what is possible. Personalizing learning, unlocking insights from mountains of data, AI is helping us paint a future where every interaction with our product is a unique experience, deeply in tune with the needs and desires of those who seek us.

Looking to the horizon

So as we ride the waves of this vibrant market, we recognize that our true product is not the latest innovation in skincare or makeup; it is the knowledge that permeates every use, every recommendation, every conversation. Investing in training and development is, in essence, investing in the perpetuation of beauty, not just as an aesthetic ideal, but as an ecosystem of continuous growth and generous sharing.

Let’s go together? Good sales.

*Fatima Bana is a Marketing executive with more than 15 years of experience in Brazil, Latin America and the European, US and Chinese markets, in the areas of Marketing, E-commerce, Business Management and Digital Business in general, developed and executed strategies in companies large multinationals (such as Ambev, Intel, Netshoes, Latam Airlines) in the consumer goods, telecom, finance, industry, tech and startups segments.

Source: https://www.mundodomarketing.com.br/investimentos-estrategicos-em-marketing-e-desenvolvimento-de-produtos-na-industria-da-beleza/

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