-->At a time when the price of Ethereum is experiencing a temporary dip, a striking trend is emerging that points to possible long-term consequences for the value of the coin. Analysts and investors are paying close attention to the increase in whale transactions on the Ethereum blockchain, especially at large wallets that hold Ethereum. This is seen as a possible indication of the future price direction of the cryptocurrency.

Ethereum whale transactions as a bullish signal

The increase in whale activity is seen by some analysts as a positive sign for Ethereum’s long-term price trends. Crypto analyst Ali comments on X that despite Ethereum’s recent price correction, the increase in Ethereum whale transactions is a good sign for future price movements. Historically, whale activity has been associated with significant price movements, with large trades often indicating institutional interest or accumulation.

Thus, the current increase in whale trades can be seen as a sign of underlying confidence in Ethereum’s prospects, despite the short-term volatility of its price. Currently, Ethereum is experiencing a slight decline, down 0.25% in the last 24 hours to $3,545, but the whale trades suggest a different story for the future.

Surprising shift: 420,000 ethereum end up on exchanges

This trend is further highlighted by a related development, where a surprising shift occurred and 420,000 Ethereum hit exchanges, adding another layer of intrigue to Ethereum market dynamics.

Missing blocks in ethereum

At the most recent ACDE meeting, a biweekly gathering where developers discuss changes to Ethereum, Ethereum developers discussed the missing blocks incident that occurred last week. On March 27, there was an increase in the number of missing blocks. Typically, 2% to 4% of blocks are missed every 30 minutes on Ethereum.

However, during a period when the network was experiencing a high volume of transactions, this rate increased to over 14% in just a few hours. It is not exactly clear how much impact these errors on Ethereum’s blockchain have had on the price.

Source: https://bitcoinmagazine.nl/nieuws/signaal-potentiele-prijsverhoging-ethereum

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