In recent times the number of tools designed to facilitate the management of social networks has increased exponentially. Given so much offer, it is not always easy to decide which one to use in each case, also taking into account that not all of them offer the same thing, but that many have found a niche in niches as varied as analytics, Content Curate or Social Media ROI .

With this and due to the difficulty that it often entails to manage the profiles of the different social networks, even more so, when you manage several accounts at the same time, the use of management tools for our social networks becomes almost mandatory. For this reason, I want to leave you below the most useful tools available, free or not, that in my opinion make life a little easier for the Community Manager.

1.- Social network management tools.

It is obligatory to begin this analysis with those tools that serve the Community Manager to manage all the profiles and pages they manage in a single control panel.

a) Hootsuite


Probably the best known and most used, Hootsuite is much more than an application to easily manage several social profiles, specifically: Twitter, Facebook (profiles and pages), Google+, LinkedIn, Foursquare, MySpace, WordPress and Mixi.

Its features include:

  • Own URL shortener
  • Message programming, and optimization of our brand.
  • Unlimited news feed aggregation
  • Integration with Google Analytics
  • Directory of complementary apps: YouTube, Flikr, Instagtam…
  • No download required as it has a web application
  • Various plans: Free, Pro and Enterprise. The version free allows you to manage up to 5 profiles, although for less than €10 per month, the Pro offers numerous advantages such as: unlimited profiles, reports, collaborators, additional users…
  • App for iOS and Android

b) Tweetdeck


We cannot fail to mention TweetDeck, another tool that allows you to manage several social networks from the same control panel. The advantage of TweetDeck is the free service. It also includes:

  • Management for Twitter accounts and Facebook profiles
  • It has up to four versions: a web service, a Chrome app, another downloadable and executable from the desktop of our PC, and finally a mobile application for iOS and Android
  • Allows you to manage an unlimited number of accounts.
  • Offers the possibility of scheduling publications
  • Integration with

c) Gremln


Less known than Hootsuite and Tweetdeck but with very similar functions, Gremln is a powerful social media management tool that has several advantages.

  • Management for Facebook (profiles and pages), Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Incorporates URL shortener
  • Message programming and translation
  • Adding 2 news feeds
  • Klout integration (online influence meter)
  • Brand reports with key metrics
  • Hasta 5 planes: basic, plus, deluxe, pro y Premium

2.-Tools for online community management.

As important as having tools to manage the different Social Media accounts, it is having the necessary instruments to segment, search, follow or stop following our target audience. In this sense there are some online applications that can help us, but I think the main and most complete one is SocialBro.


SocialBro is a powerful tool to learn about and professionally manage the Twitter community. Among its many features are:

  • Use of advanced filters by: time zones, language, influence, number of followers, number of followed, number of lists, ratio between followers and followed, age of the account, number of tweets per day, time of the last tweet…
  • Reports with the best timing for the response and visibility of each tweet.
  • Search for users by keywords.
  • Complete statistics panel of Twitter activity and the impact of posts on the community.


We use it to automatically follow up with everyone who follows us on Twitter, and also give them a warm welcome message.

Advantages of Socialoomph on Twitter:

  • Programar Tweet’s
  • Keyword Tracking
  • Save draft tweets
  • See mentions and retweets
  • Periodically delete the private messages (DM’s) tray
  • Shorten links, a tool that allows you to see click tracking per link
  • Add unlimited Twitter accounts

Advantages of Socialoomph on Facebook:

  • Schedule statuses for profiles and pages
  • View latest page statuses

The free version of Socialoomph for Twitter it is very complete, but if we buy the paid license we can obtain some very useful major advantages such as:

  • Auto-follow (Automatically follow whoever follows you)
  • Filter timeline’s (Only look at the tweets of the people you are interested in)
  • Redirection of DM’s (forwards DM’s without copy and paste, automatically)
  • Mute tweet’s (Hide tweets from unwanted people)

Download Socialoomph (free version).

Tweet Old Post

If you have a blog, an essential plugin is Tweet Old Post. With this plugin you will dramatically increase visits to your blog.

What this plugin is doing is that it allows you to retweet old posts on your blog, at the pace you decide.

Automatically, every 4 hours, that is, 6 times a day, this plugin allows you to send a tweet highlighting one of your old posts, with which you are trying to give visibility to content that has been written a long time ago but still has value and that is current for your readers.

Descargar Tweet Old Post

And you? What tools do you use to manage your social media profiles and your 2.0 communities?

Via: Alfonso Gómez Aguirre

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