Have you ever wondered how many people actually see your tweets? Twitter does not offer us an answer to this question at the moment, but it could do so in the near future. Twitter is currently experimenting with a new feature that informs the user of the number of people who have seen their tweets.

Twitter has long informed advertisers of the impressions received by their advertising campaigns on this platform, but if the social network’s new experiment comes to fruition, this type of statistics They could soon be available to all users, according to reports The Verge.

By providing the user with information about the number of people who have seen their tweets, Twitter could be trying to encourage its users to tweet more. For users with few followers, tweeting can sometimes be like shouting into a void, and knowing how many people have read your tweets can be an extra push to continue posting messages on Twitter.

Of course, accessing this type of information could also have the opposite effect. If we have, for example, a thousand followers and we discover that only 20 have seen our tweet, we may feel discouraged and from now on we will show ourselves less. assets on the microblogging network.
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Source: https://www.socialblabla.com/twitter-podria-chivarse-en-el-futuro-de-cuantas-personas-han-visto-nuestros-tuits.html

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