However, WhatsApp Marketing has been used globally for a long time. It began to be used as a direct communication channel between companies and their clients, but over the years it evolved… so we are going to show you How to take advantage of the most recent WhatsApp updates to attract potential customers (“Leads”) without waiting for the arrival of WhatsApp Business.

BRIEF GUIDE: How to take advantage of WhatsApp to attract Potential Clients without having to wait for the arrival of WhatsApp for Business

#1: Paid advertising on Facebook through a button linked to WhatsApp

Today, you already have the possibility of capturing potential customers (“leads”) using WhatsApp.

It’s about a Facebook launch that allows the two platforms to be linked. How does it work? Se Place a button on Facebook ads so people can call or message your brand via WhatsApp. Let’s see an image…

Fuente: techcrunch

This format is very similar to ad system “click to Messenger” (send message via Facebook Messenger), but You will not find it in the Facebook help service or in the advertising objectives of the platform. That is, it is part of that series of Facebook tricks and secrets that only some of us know. ?

Let’s go step by step!

  • STEP 1: Create a WhatsApp link with a personalized message (this is the link that will later be placed in the Facebook ad). To create it manually, pay attention to the following format: number&text=custom message

Where it says “phone number” you enter your number in international format. Then, where it says “personalized message” you place the message you want the client to send you. That is, an automatic message that the client will send when they press the ad button (Click to Whatsapp)

EXAMPLE:, I want more information about the product!

You can also use an automatic link generator by clicking here.

  • STEP 2: Go to Ads Manager and click on the “Create Ad” button. Once there, select the target “Traffic”. There you will complete the information requested by the system (just as you always do if you use Facebook Ads).

It is important that you change the location of your ads. We do not know how many people have Whatsapp Web to be able to view your ad from a computer, so you should select the “Cell phone only” option.

You complete the rest of the alternatives as you like (budget, calendar, delivery). Next, you are going to choose the format of your ad and design it.

  • PASO 3: And now the key moment of this matter: where it says “URL OF THE WEBSITE” you are going to place the link that you have created for WhatsApp.


You add title and text and that’s it! You already have your ad so that customers can communicate with your brand through WhatsApp and you can expand your possibilities of capturing leads.

#2: Organic Strategy: Add the WhatsApp link to your publications

This second alternative is very simple and does not cost you any money. Is about share that same WhatsApp link in the publications you make on your social profiles. To make this task much easier and faster, you can use Postcron. You just have to add the accounts in which you want to share the WhatsApp link (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Pinterest and Instagram) and press the button “post now”.

Let’s look at an example.



In these images you can see how to do it easily and adding all your social media accounts.

We hope that this guide helps you start attracting potential clients through WhatsApp. If you have already used any technique, tell us in the comments how it went for you. ? See you in the next article!

Via: Postcron


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