Since last summer, Instagram stories have become one of the main attractions of the social network, even encouraging its private messaging service to have grown so much that it is about to fly on its own as an independent application. Many people use Instagram stories to tell things, but their ephemeral nature means that sometimes, we are looking forward to seeing him againbut of course, 24 hours they volatilize.

However, in the same way that there is a way to download “normal” images and videos from other Instagram users on our mobile, we have another way. download instagram stories of others on our phone, regardless of whether it is Android or iOS. Let’s see it.

Download stories on Android

In the case of Android we are going to use a specific application for this and 100% secure. Is about Story Saver for Instagram and we can download it completely free from Google Play. Once we have downloaded it, we will have to log in with our Instagram credentials to be able to work with it.

After logging in, we will see how the application itself will show us directly all users with active stories at that moment. Now we will only have to select the user whose story we want to download, click on their name and inside, choose the file that we want to download to our phone.

Descargar gratis | Story Saver for Instagram

Download stories on iOS

In the event that our phone is an iPhone, the procedure is somewhat different. The first thing we will have to do is access a kind of Chinese application store called Tutuapp from our phone’s browser. once here we will download the free versionclicking on “Regular” and then “Download”.

Ios 1

The store will begin to download and once completed, we will go to Settings > General > Device Management > Trust Beijing Nation Sky Network Technologies. We accept the permissions by clicking “Trust”, and we leave to return to the store. Now inside it, in the search engine, we will write «Instagram ++»we select it and click to download it.

With the application downloaded, we will access with our credentials and we will see that The interface is identical to that of Instagrambut with some changes -like ads- but since we are only going to use it to download stories, it is not too annoying.

Ios 2

Finally, the only thing we have left to do is select the user and within their story, click on arrow icon located at the bottom right. The application will ask us where and what size we want the download, we choose it and that’s it, the story will be saved on our iPhone.

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