With an increase in the buying momentum of the crypto market, the bullish trend also seems to be back among most cryptocurrencies. Despite a weak start today, almost all of the top 100 cryptos are in the green over the past week.

Despite these successes, the Worldcoin price managed to do a lot better than the rest of the crypto market. After an increase of 35.37% for the Worldcoin price, more and more crypto analysts are wondering whether a crypto rally for AI crypto is on the way.

Worldcoin Price Chart – Source: CoinMarketCap

Worldcoin leads crypto rally

After starting this year on a subdued note, Worldcoin managed to achieve significant gains in the following months as bullish sentiment in the AI ​​sector grew. As a result, WLD managed to rise 455% to a new all-time high of $11.82. It reached this height on March 10, 2024.

However, since then the stock has fallen by more than 60% to its current value of $6.12.

WLD’s RSI is around 58 at the time of writing. This indicates that there is still more than enough room for WLD to rise further. Due to its recent gains, the price has also risen above some of its important moving averages.

The WLD price is currently above both the short-term 10-day and 20-day EMAs and the long-term 50-day and 100-day EMAs. This once again confirms that the WLD price is ready to realize further increases.

If the WLD price is able to stay above $6.025, the price can continue its rise towards $7.65. A rise beyond this level could then open the doors wide for a further rise towards $9.16.

As momentum within the AI ​​sector continues to increase, there are many opportunities for WLD to rise towards its old all-time high near $12. However, it is not just WLD that is benefiting from the AI ​​sector’s current momentum. New AI presale tokens are also achieving success due to this positive trend. Below we discuss the best AI cryptos of the moment.

WienerAI (WAI) – brings together the worlds of AI crypto and meme coins

WienerAI is a new presale token that went viral due to its unique mascot. This mascot is a ‘wiener’ dog influenced by AI. As a result, this project has managed to gain attention from both the AI ​​crypto and meme coin communities.

WienerAI emerged from the creation of a scientist who develops the ultimate AI companion in the year 2132. Due to a mistake in his creation, the DNA of a hot dog was accidentally added to this AI companion. The result of this is the hilarious WienerAI.


Unlike many standard meme coins, WienerAI has utility through a staking mechanism. Users are able to stake tokens in exchange for attractive rewards. The annual return is currently almost 800%.

This project’s native WAI token is currently for sale in a presale that has already raised over $1.1 million in early investments. Tokens currently cost $0.000704 each, but this price will increase further when the presale enters its next phase in less than 24 hours. Tokens can be purchased via ETH, BNB, USDT and credit card.

5thScape (5SCAPE) – first VR ecosystem on the blockchain

5thScape is developing the first VR ecosystem on the blockchain. Great VR games will be developed within this ecosystem. In addition, the team is also developing their own VR headset and ergonomic office chairs. Crypto experts expect that 5thScape is able to become the market leader in the VR crypto niche.

Users of the platform can contribute to the development of the project themselves. Users are able to develop their own VR games in exchange for 5SCAPE tokens. People can then take out a subscription to play these games. These subscriptions will further help to increase the liquidity of the 5thScape project.


The 5SCAPE token can also be staked to generate passive income. This also helps to increase the liquidity pool and make the price of the token more stable when the project is listed on exchanges.

The 5SCAPE presale has already raised more than $5.7 million. Tokens currently cost $0.00327. However, when the token is listed, it will cost $0.01, which means that on paper users can already generate a profit of more than 200%. Tokens can be purchased via ETH, MATIC, BNB, USDT and credit card.

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