Size matters to be able to carry out segmented actions among your followers, but it is not worth obsessing over the topic if you are a beginner. It is more important to learn how to “manage” your network in the appropriate way to provide value to your contacts. At first it is not advisable to take aggressive actions to grow followers. It took me 3 years to reach 10,000 by performing the following basic actions.

1. Responder a tweets.

2. Create a blog and launch posts on Twitter.

3. Share interesting content from third parties.

4. Write a creative bio (pending task in my case).

5. Participate with recommendations in #FF.

6. An eye-catching profile photo.

7. Help without expecting anything in return.

8. Make retweets of interesting content.

9. Include Twitter conversations in the blog.

10. Follow people with whom you share interests.

When you start on Twitter, you may think that you will never reach 100 followers. Over time you will get there and if you are constant sharing quality content you will even exceed that figure. What are your tips to get more followers on Twitter?

Via: Carlos Bravo


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