Currently, the figure of the Community Manager is being more recognized and more in demand, but it is also being misinterpreted. Many do not know what it means to be a CM and consider that it is super simple and the ideal job to earn money by “spending the day on Facebook, Twitter, Google and watching videos on YouTube”…and no! This goes further and that is why I decided to write this article, I will summarize in 10 sincere tips what it means to be a good Community Manager, I hope they are useful to you:

1. Understand the need to organize how you will manage the brand: Do you remember the chore calendars our mothers set for us when we were little? Doing your homework from 3 to 5, brushing your teeth at 6 and going to bed at 7… doesn’t that happen to you? (Me). All of this in order to do us good, take care of us and help us grow. And that is what we have to understand: brands are our children, we must take care of them and know that if I publish at 10 in the morning it is at that time, because it will be beneficial and will feed my child (brand) with good interactions that will later They will be conversions…etc.

2. Don’t think that people are stupid, And yes, excuse the word but it is true. Many CMS assume that the audience they are targeting does not think for themselves and is forced to consume their content without saying a word, or they believe that sending a programmed message on Twitter thanking them for following and directing them to a page that they do not want. interest, it will brighten their day and they will love the brand as they should… well no! We must understand that behind the computer, tablet or cell phone there are people who we must reach in a positive and human way, not as robots.

3. Tell stories, yes, that’s StoryTelling, Assume that every day is a new beginning, the audience likes to be surprised, strive to create content that connects, that generates stories not only from the brand, but from your community. Offer them something interesting, and yes… If your product is bad, don’t even waste your time… turn it off and let’s go.

4. Take the risk of getting scolded, The worst thing you can earn is that: the scolding. Try to constantly vary your management, try different publication schedules, do not stick to the previously approved content grid, do not waste the ‘papayaso’ if you see positive opportunities that help increase the engagement and loyalty of your community with the brand that you drive. Trial and error is a constant in our profession, propose new things dedicated to your audience, plus…why do we want large communities if we don’t play with them?

5. Ask your audience what they want! Yes, pretend that they are your boyfriend for years and to always see them happy you must ask them what they want, what they need and what they need to smile. Of course, don’t overuse the questions, you are supposed to know your audience with just one or a few questions; Like everything, we should not exaggerate and for that we must also rely on a prior review of our target. But, it is good practice since they will assume that the brand really cares about what the audience thinks, feels or needs…they will feel loved and important and, my dear friends, that will be positive because they can become ambassadors of our brand, both online and offline.

6. Don’t let your client believe that by being on networks they will be the “in charge” no, no and no… bad if you come selling that idea, bad if your client only asks for likes and followers, get that idea out of his head! Today it’s not about numbers, it’s about generating loyalty. Before, brands boasted because they had millions of followers on Twitter, or a thousand or so fans on Facebook… Make them understand that the world does not end on Facebook or Twitter!

7. Do you think making viral content is the only thing that matters? Wrong answer. We have to think about the process of how to make it viral, and like everything before doing something, we must plan and think about how we could achieve that positive impact that we want so much…how will we be able to sow that conviction in our audience to share our content to do so? viral?. And another thing, it’s not just viralization, you have to generate conversation: talk to your community as if they were your friend, remember that how they see you, they treat you.

8. To learn you have to read, and it’s not just about reading what you need to do the work that day…no! It is about always reading, every day (even if it is Sunday, don’t be lazy) about all the possible topics that you want to know, be curious, investigate restlessly, because only in this way do we acquire knowledge and can we make it become our weapon or on our shield. I recommend using the HT, make a daily feed of what you want to know, it’s simple: if you spend it on Facebook or Twitter USE the search bar and type #CommunityManager, #SocialMedia or #LoQueLesPlazca, you will find many things related to the topic, as well as articles of interest that will help more than one in their daily work.

9. Make up your mind, it’s either white or black. You cannot put on Facebook: “Good morning dear followers! How was your day?” and then post on Twitter: “We hope you have a good day” NO! You have to define the language with which you will speak to your audience, this is established according to the objectives and identity of your brand. Likewise, you must define a visual and graphic guideline, establish default colors for the different publications you make, Needless to say, it is also linked to the image or logo of the brand.

10. If you are not convinced that you want to be Community Managers, dedicate yourself to something else. Don’t do it because “it’s fashionable” or because one day you thought: “I spend the day on Facebook and Twitter, I also want to get paid for that”… Remember that lLife is too short to have the wrong job.

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