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If you have a website, be it a blog or online store, you surely want get more visitsTRUE?

Well you have come to the correct article:

I have been dedicated to website traffic growth for more than 10 years, and in this article I am going to detail the methods that have worked best for me to achieve this objective.

Position yourself in Google by doing SEO

SEO are strategies that help you appear first on Google when someone asks a question related to your topic.

This is essential for increase visits to your websitesince surely thousands of people search daily for problems associated with topics that you can solve.

Although we have a complete and updated guide on how to position your website on Google With SEO strategies, we are going to summarize some essential tips:

  • Discover What does your target audience search for on Google? using Keyword Research tools. This will help you know which searches or keywords you should write about to position yourself first.
  • Makes quality content and that solve the user’s search intention: write better articles than the competition, offer a competitive product catalog, or create guides that no one has tried yet.
  • Get links from other web pages. If Google detects that there are other websites talking about you and linking to you, you will increase your authority, which will be very positive to position yourself better than your competition.

In summary, we could say that doing SEO consists of making excellent content (better than the competition) and getting links to improve our authority.

Boost clicks from Google

Remember that the first step is to position yourself among the first on Google, since If you are too low, people won’t even see your website. among the results.

Google resultsGoogle results

But, once your website appears ranked in the search results, it is crucial encourage users to click.

To achieve this, use Attractive titles and catchy descriptions that highlight what differentiates your content.

You have to leave users wanting to read what you have written, otherwise they will click on another competing website.

Some tips to increase click-through rate with a good title are:

  • Usa numbers in the title: “5 Strategies to…”
  • Make clear the differential value: “How to learn SEO in 5 minutes with this updated guide”
  • Writes popular words that work: methods, strategies, guide, tricks, tips…

Promotes recurrence of visits

Getting a visit is an excellent achievement, there is no doubt about that.

But even more excellent is make your visitors come back at another timebecause they have had a good experience on your website and want to repeat.

User experience on a websiteUser experience on a website

How can we get people to visit your website again?

Well, it is not a simple task, but we can achieve it with these methods:

  • Write content of such quality that people want to read again. If your users are sure that you always offer good articles, when they see you or remember you, they will visit you to resolve other related concerns.
  • Be constant and regularly upload new content. This way they will know that they can come back at another time to read more of your articles, and not miss any new ones.
  • Do “30 day challenge” style series that generate expectation and hook the reader. These types of real cases work very well, or for example, the typical “build in public” that have become fashionable and that develop how someone grows a company from zero to one hundred.

Speak from your experience

Share your personal and professional experiences can make your content more attractive and originalsince no one else will have the experiences you tell.

For this reason, explaining studies or customer cases usually attracts a lot of attention, since we learn from the real experience of others and that, of course, is valued as original, personal and useful content.

Think of added value

As I told you at the beginning, to position yourself on Google you need better content than the competition.

Offer something your competitors don’t have.

Some ideas to offer more complete content than your competition could consist of adding elements such as:

  • Boards
  • Comparisons
  • Infographic maps
  • Quotes from other experts
  • Personal experiences
  • Greater depth in the topics covered
  • Provide a different vision from the rest

In the case of an online store, differentiation can also come from offering a larger catalog of products, or more competitive prices than those offered by other eCommerce.

This will not only help you position yourself, but you will also ensure that people have such a positive experience that will want to visit your website again tomorrowinstead of another competitor, or even recommend you to his acquaintances.

Take care of the design and loading speed

Within this user experience we are talking about, there are other somewhat more technical aspects, but equally important so that people are delighted with your website.

Here we find having a good design and usabilityfor example with:

  • Texts that are large enough to be read easily.
  • Colors that generate contrast and facilitate reading, as well as identifying important buttons or sections of the website.
  • Layout the content so that the structure is pleasant and we do not become overwhelmed with many elements.

Another relevant aspect is the loading speedand if our website takes many seconds to load, users will leave in despair.

For analyze the speed and usability of your website you can use the tool PageSpeed Insights official from Google and also free, which will diagnose your site.

PageSpeed InsightsPageSpeed Insights

We have to take care, therefore, of the time it takes our website to show the information to the user and the way in which it is shown.

Diversify traffic from other channels

In this article we are talking about websites, but why not diversify traffic with other channels?

Imagine that suddenly the positioning of your website drops a lot in Google, and you lose organic traffic.

If you have other alternative channels, you could continue having visits through those ways; So, I highly recommend that you work other channels to get visits:

  • Social networksfrom which you can link in the bio to your website.
  • Newsletterin which you can notify of new articles or products so that they visit your website with email marketing strategies.
  • Podcastin which they can listen to your episodes from platforms like Spotify, without depending on Google.
  • Google Discovera news module that can make your content go viral if you appear.
  • YouTubeuploading videos related to your topic so that your visibility does not depend exclusively on the website.

Make collaborations

Collaborating with other brands or influencers can expand your reach and attract a new audience.

Collaborations can be from interviews to other experts, even articles such as roundposts in which several participants offer their opinion.

Interviews with marketing expertsInterviews with marketing experts

The ultimate goal is for these experts Share the article where they appear in your community, whether through their social networks, newsletters, etc. since in this way we will be able to reach their followers.

For this reason, once you publish the interview or the roundpost in which they appear, it is advisable to send them a message to remind them that it has already been uploaded and that they can share it if they liked it.

Otherwise, it is possible that it will pass unnoticed or that they will not even realize that they can now share it.

Organize giveaways

Although it is true that years ago raffles had greater reach on social networks, they are still a good strategy to achieve interaction if we do them properly.

The most important thing here is to know what the objective of the giveaway is: if it is to get visits to our website, a good giveaway could be share the URL of an article on any of the social networks.

Although, seeing the current panorama, the most common thing is to simply ask to share a publication from the social network itself, or follow the account in order to be notified of our next publications.

Here it is up to you to decide what type of giveaway you want to hold, what prize to offer, and carry out tests until you find one that engages your target audience.

Link to other related articles

A very interesting trick to increase the number of visits is that the same person visits more than one article or section within your website.

If I enter one of your articles and leave, I will have only seen one page; but if I go from one article to another, and then to another, and then to another… there I am giving you many visits when in principle it was only going to be one.

This is achieved by improving the flow of user behavior, and is based on link to other URLs that are related and that may be of interest to the user.

Link to related articlesLink to related articles

In an online store you can put links to related products, so that people click on them and continue seeing more of the catalog than they had planned.

In a blog, you can include internal links to related articles that can complement the reading. For example, if I tell you that I have a post about how to sell moreyou will surely be interested and click on the link, getting another visit.

This will also help Googlebot crawl your content better, since it follows links, and will be able to find all the URLs more easily, going from one link to another.

With this, we finish the most useful tips for get more visits to your website. And which one do you prefer? Have you tried more?


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