Twitter is a basic tool within social marketing and sometimes small glitches or errors that appear imperceptible to the naked eye are what prevent our social profile from obtaining the desired performance.

First, Twitter It may seem like an inflexible social format, since the limitation of its 140 characters makes us think very carefully about the messages we should share with our followers, but apart from the content, which is extremely important, there are other series of details that we must have. into account to get the most out of the microblog social network.

Follow these 10 Tips and you will see the performance of your Twitter improve:

  • ·Publish what is necessary A profile that is not updated is as negative as another that is excessively updated. In the first case, followers will lose interest due to lack of content and in the second they will get tired and may stop following us or take us for spammers. The ideal for any social profile is three daily updates.
  • ·Examine all comments. Social networks have an advantage over other means of self-promotion, as they do not offer the possibility of knowing at all times what our followers are asking for. If we listen to their requests, we will not only increase sales, but we will add new followers to our network almost without delay. effort.
  • ·Differentiate your web portal from your commercial brandAlthough both things go hand in hand, they are not the same, the brand is the identifying symbol through which the firm is recognized at a global or national level, if applicable, and the website is the portal from which the different actions are carried out. activities of the company and that fulfills a merely representative function. Both functions must be clear in each of the social profiles that we use.
  • · Focus posts and focus them on the activity or products you want to advertise, avoiding ambiguities.
  • ·Commercial recognition. Make sure your followers identify with your brand and business firm.
  • ·Provide interesting content To distance itself from commercial intentions, at least one in every three publications must be purely informative and provide free useful resources to users.
  • ·Answer questions and comments is essential to maintain the relationship with your followers.
  • ·Use fewer characters of those allowed so that your followers can retweet the tweets, between 90 and 118 characters would be appropriate.
  • ·Publish to the correct extent. Many of the tweets that are published are not even read, if we choose our publications correctly we will increase the chances of them being read.

Be constant. Achieving a certain reputation within social media is a process that requires a lot of perseverance and work to see satisfactory and reliable results.

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