There are many advertisers and agencies looking for the best strategies to generate users, fans, members to their Facebook page.

I remember that campaign of the “Explosive Blonde” on Facebook who lost her camera… A buzz, a success.

Lenny Kravitz takes photos of his audience at his concerts, so that his fans can then search on his Facebook and tag themselves personally.

The last one that caught my attention is the brand Victoria’s Secret, creators of the most universal feminine beauty. On their Facebook page, we find the following photo.

victory secret

What are the best user registration strategies on social networks like Facebook?

– The applications work very well, especially if they are interesting. Never forget to give them a tone of playful competition. Publistars in a great success story. More than 7000 fans and more than 170,000 active users.

– I really like the idea of ​​Lenny Kravitz playing with the ego – a fan of his followers… “I was there, at his concert…I have the proof…And also on Lenny’s page”

– Some brands tag you in the photo of their new campaign so that you receive an alert. However, these types of practices do not convince me, because you quickly realize that your new photo is an advertising hoax.

– Pages in the Cause or Support format usually work very well. In real cases such as injustices, rapes, searching for missing people or ecological issues it works very well. Atrápalo tried something similar with the girl they were looking for. These usually take the form of a group. Others of these try to spread an idea or principle such as that Happiness can be shared on

– On some occasions I have seen striking fake profiles created or even fan pages for curious products or characters. I remember when I was at Buzzparadise, we did it with the character in our logo. In fact, if you search, you will find any of the characters of all time.

– One piece of advice is that they are very simple, that you can immediately see the result, and above all compare it with your friends… Facebrity was able to generate a significant number of users because the result was immediate.

– If we launch a campaign, it is very positive to make a comparison on Facebook, since we can undoubtedly connect them and have more information from our users, get complementary support and even obtain very important feedback. Let’s not forget the Add to Profile option (in the end it’s like a free banner).

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