Las social networks They have become a perfect tool to communicate with the rest of the world and that is indisputable. However, these platforms also influence the perception that people have of us, our personal brand.

When it comes to finding a job, it is important that the image we generate of ourselves through social networks is appropriate since companies understand that once we are hired, we manage their image with everything we do or say.

For this reason, AdWeek brings us 4 wise advice from the hand of Midouin to the bridetalent director at 360i, to make your online presence, in addition to pleasing your followers, useful in the workplace:

1. Have a profile on LinkedIn Right out of college can be a big boost for first-time workers. The tool can be constituted as a door to the world of work, which draws the attention of company interviewers and that is why users should update it often and always have it public.

2. Although it is the social network with the most followers in the world (or precisely because of that), Facebook is a tool that should always be kept hidden. Or at least when looking for a job. In this way, one ensures that they can share what they want without harming their freedom of expression and creation, but they do not risk being rejected by the companies they apply for.

3. Many industries have conversations to join on Twitter or LinkedIn groups around their specific topics. Use them, companies want to hire people who have judgment and opinion.

4. And last but not least, Don’t exaggerate your skills. It may sound obvious but the reality is that it is more common than we imagine. It’s ridiculous to sell yourself as something you’re not. Interviewers check everything that is necessary for the job through tests, so the best option is to be honest with yourself and try to highlight your achievements.

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