The possibilities that a social network like Facebook offers us for our brand’s fanpage are enormous if we think that we sell a product or service, it gives us direct access to millions of potential buyers, but it is not something so simple, we have to know certain details to know. What to spend our time and effort on.

If we consider data from March 2015 where Facebook updated its algorithm by lowering the number of people who see a post from a fanpage, sIt is estimated that a fanpage update only reaches 22.80% of users in the case of having only a few thousand users, the larger we are the less this reach.

It is a social network intended for users to interact with their contacts, not with fanpages of companies, services or leisure, Facebook has to take care that people are not inundated with advertising and non-relevant updates, like any business without them they are not nobody.

We have to think that the more we interact with a publication, the funnel effect opens, and not only does Facebook make the publication visible to more people who are fans, but also to people who are not. by being shared by your direct contacts, giving us the possibility of acquiring new fans and who knows whether to convert them into a client or the function for whatever we use them for, and now comes the question… What tricks make this more possible?

1- Talk to people, not machines.

We can make empty publications where we only put an image or something that we sell, but it is something that even applies when writing content on a blogtry to expose emotions, use a dialogue, ask questions, try to make if a person sees it they want to interact or express your thoughts, every comment, every “like” we get is something positive and if you share it on top of that it would be excellent.

2- Don’t just look at your navel…

I understand that you have to earn a living or you need to promote something, be it a course or any service, but if you only post publications related to what you sell, you will not only lose interest, you will cause the effect to be negative, the way to get clients in the network is with a very careful content and that they know what we dowhen the time is right they will decide to spend their money or react in some positive way for you.

An example that I can give of this from my experience It is an animal shelter that I collaborate with.about a year ago 95% of the updates on their fanpage consisted of animals that need a home or need to raise funds, they had around 700 fans which is not bad at all,

I explained this topic to a friend who takes care of her, and I recommended that she vary the updates, posting positive photos of animals, humorous topics and curiosities, always trying to leave the topic of donations or similar as something secondary and when necessary.

The result in a few months was an increase of no less than 614%, exceeding 5,000 fans and of course the interactions they achieve in each publication are now great, it continues to grow and they are already around 6820 when I write this post.

3- Publish current content.

Try to relate current content with what you do, everyone does it in one way or another, the most useful are usually memes, we don’t just talk if we are at a particular party that we have to take advantage of by posting related updates, if there is There has been some interesting or funny news about everything, bring out your humorous side and use your creativity to relate it to your business.

4- Publish when your competition does not.

You might be wondering why not do it when there are more people connected? It is something that you have to try, to publish at different times and days, if we publish at the same time as our competition or for example around 10:00 p.m. where there is usually more traffic, we will be competing with everyone who does the same… with which that it will be more difficult to stand out among all that.

If we do it a reasonable amount of time before, more people can react to the publication, let’s say simmering our reach so that at the times of highest traffic our content is already accessible on other profiles because their contacts have interacted with it.

5- Establish relationships and get mentioned.

I would recommend this especially if we have an update that has already been successful, to make sure it is worth it, we can talk to other related fanpages and see if there is any way in which there can be some type of agreement to make cross mentions, so That they will mention you and vice versa, is something positive not only because we access a good number of possible interested fans, but it reinforces point 2 of not just looking at your navel, publishing other content of interest from another source than that. Be respectable, yes, it will make you give your fans more confidence that you want to give them the best.


What we have to think about is giving value, providing useful and interesting content, provoking a reaction or making them want to interact with us both to tell us their opinion and to make them see that they can communicate with us and we will respond to their comments, to be someone close, That will make the trust and image towards us grow and is reflected in sales or reactions.


Via: Andrés Ortega

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