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How many social networks is your brand on? How many hours a day do you have to invest to monopolize all these social platforms? If you don’t have a community manager or social media manager, you may be spending too much time and should slow down. Let’s take an example: You opened a Twitter account where you share content daily, retweet and respond to a few comments. Then you created a Facebook account, doubling the need for attention on your part, although even a couple of hours are enough. But seeing that Instagram is a ‘must’ you have also opened an account although you couldn’t resist the temptation of opening another on Pinterest, Linkedin and Snapchat… Devoting a little time to each of them… The results are none other than: losing comments, questions from interested users ignored by you, and now you have little time to publish content.

I assure you that a well-maintained and constantly maintained social network is much better than 5 neglected ones.. If you try to coordinate 5 social networks at the same time, your cables will get crossed and you will not achieve anything other than spending a lot of time with few results. Additionally, with the recent change announced by Facebook and Instagram related to algorithms that favor updates from family and friends, businesses no longer have the reach they had, which means that even more time must be invested in publishing content if you expect it to reach to your News Feed audience.

Observe how other community managers generate the majority of sales or leads for their businesses and gradually eliminate what is only creating more work for you. On each social network you should see how many clicks you have received per week/month. These numbers will show you which platforms you should focus on and which ones are taking up too much of your time. As I say, it is a very common mistake to think that not being on all social networks is a missed opportunity.

You are on the wrong social networks

Who is your target audience and what social networks are they on?
Knowing which social networks your target audience is on is a great achievement and will make you more effective on social media. On the contrary, not knowing is taking steps in the dark. Some community managers are great at creating visual content that stands out on Pinterest or Instagram, others are great at creating videos for YouTube, for example, and others stand out at creating relevant texts for their readers. However, if you invest your time in social networks where your target audience is not located, you are supremely wasting your time.

What you have to do is research to see which social networks the audience that really interests your brand is on. Look at the networks that are directing more users to your website, where you could convert it into a sale or lead.

You are not social enough

One of the big and most frequent problems is that we forget the main objective for which social media was created: being social.

Using social networks with the sole objective of sending content is a great missed opportunity to create a connection with users and therefore the main reason why you do not obtain a positive ROI.

You must ask questions, create conversation and debates as part of the Social Media communication strategy. This will increase the reach of your content. The more connection you create, the more it will be shown to your followers (especially after the algorithm change). And the more reach you have, the more opportunities to get clients.

Remember to include calls to action in your content and ask for shares or comments to, among other things, avoid being confused with spam. A good way to connect more with your audience is to carry out a social promotion, as it encourages the active participation of your social audience.

You are analyzing the wrong metrics

For those looking to make sales or generate leads through social media there are just a few really interesting metrics: the click rate, the abandonment rate, and the shares (how, where and who shares).

These key indicators will offer you an estimate of what social media, as a marketing tool, is helping you achieve a positive ROI.

Metrics like likes or visits make you feel important but they will not contribute to achieving a bigger idea. If your goal is to make money through your social media efforts, you should focus on these metrics and get more traffic from social channels to your own page.

The click-through rate gives you a clear picture of how you are creating engagement with your audience with the content you publish. Clicks on your content show how many users have been sent directly to your page. The more they are, the better you will know that your content is interesting enough for them to click on it.

The Bounce rate is the percentage of users who have clicked on your content, land on your website and leave as soon as they see the first page. It simply tells you how many users are interested in your content and are looking for other interesting content that your page offers. A high abandonment rate will tell you that your followers are not interested in what you have offered them and do not want to continue watching. You can improve this by focusing on clearer communication. If you meet their expectations, they will be more eager to see what else you offer.

Shares are a metric that directly affects the reach of your content. It tells you if your content has been interesting enough for your audience to the point that they share it, focusing on that content that is really interesting for your target audience.

Surely you can think of some other reason. Will you tell us? Thank you very much for telling us in the comments! If you liked this post, please share it.

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