Social networks are advancing by leaps and bounds and this is what the new transfer platform shows “peer-to-peer” that Facebook and Twitter. This service called Dwolla will allow the user to send and receive money with contacts through low-cost transfers. Dwolla is an existing service that has decided to make the leap to Facebook and Twitter due to its immediacy and reliability, as reported by Mashable. To launch this platform, the user must import their contacts and associate the bank accounts they want to serve as the source and destination of the money.

The exchange of funds involves a low cost, since the transfer price will be about 0.25 dollars (0.19 euro cents). In addition, Dwolla aims to become a tough competitor to PayPal, which just a few weeks ago announced its integration with Facebook. At the moment, Dwolla is only available in the United States, although it intends to expand its business volume by also integrating into the European market.

Via: DigiNota


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