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When we want to carry out an email marketing campaign, we do not necessarily have to use a paid tool.

In fact, some of the best email marketing tools They are completely free, and will also allow us to send mass emails and manage our entire email marketing campaign at no cost.

Below we present a comparison table of free plans of the most popular email marketing tools:

Tool Subscribers Shipping
Mailrelay 20.000 80.000/mes
Mailchimp 500 1.000/mes
Short 2.000 300/day
MailerLite 1.000 12.000/mes
Mailjet Unlimited 6.000/mes



Mailrelay is an email marketing platform that has gained popularity because it has the most complete free plan From the market.

If you come for free, you won’t find anything better than this:

  • Allows you to send up to 80,000 messages/month
  • Register up 20,000 contacts in the subscriber list

And all this, without paying anything at all.

In addition, among some of its features we find the possibility of:

  • Personalize emails with templatesand a very simple editor.
  • Program emails, as well as defining automations (for example, send a gift when someone subscribes).
  • Edit to our liking widget for them to subscribe.
  • Accomplish A/B Testing to try several subjects or senders, and stick with the one that works best for you.
  • Measure and analyze the statistics: number of emails sent, opening rate, percentage of clicks on links, bounced emails, etc.

As you can see, it is a very complete tool and, unless you have an incredibly large community, you can use it for free.

The only disadvantage is that It does not have as much compatibility with third-party pluginssuch as WordPress plugins and similar, since it is not as well-known as others nor does it have as many agreements as, for example, Mailchimp.

But, even so, it is our first recommendation in this ranking for its unbeatable value for money.



While the Mailchimp plan is limited to 1,000 free monthly shipments And till 500 contactswe include it as the next option as it is Compatible with a large number of third-party tools.

For example, you can integrate it into a wide variety of WordPress and Woocomerce plugins, or automation tools like Zapier or SurveyMonkey.

Despite having more expensive rates when you want to increase the number of shipments, we also tell you that they have more functions than Mailrelay:

  • You can automate conversions with Shopify or events with Google Analytics.
  • Generate texts with Artificial Intelligenceso you don’t have to worry about thinking about the content.
  • Make more advanced automations and segmented, as well as having detailed graphs and statistics.

What they do not include is the possibility of doing A/B Testing or removing the Mailchimp logo. If you want to do it, you will have to pay.

It is up to you whether Mailrelay is enough for you, or if you need a tool with more compatibilities and targeting options even if it is more expensive like Mailchimp.

Brevo (formerly Sendingblue)


In third place we have Brevo, which allows you to send up to 300 emails a dayand accumulate up to a total of 2,000 subscribers in our database.

Among the features, you should know that in the free plan you will have some limitations:

  • You will not be able to delete the watermark with the Brevo logo.
  • It is not possible to carry out campaigns A/B Testing.
  • You will not have reports of opens and clicks.

I think it is important for you to know, because they are important things and to obtain them you will have to pay for a higher plan. If not, Mailrelay offers all of that at no cost.



I have to admit that MailerLite is a tool that has earned a place in my heart. Allows you to send up to 12.000 emails al mesand have a maximum of 1,000 subscribers completely free.

Not only does it offer a large number of integrations (with Shopify or Woocomerce, among others), but has fantastic templates and an amazing block editor.

You will be able to include buy buttons, coupons, countdown counters, image galleries, or confirmation boxes to attend an event.

In its free plan, in addition to having this built-in editor and be able to do automationsthey will give you the possibility to create hasta 10 landing pages to sell your products directly on them.

A more than plausible option, with a quality similar to Mailchimp, and whose free plan is even better.



You will like our next recommendation because of the following: Mailjet allows you to accumulate unlimited subscribersand send 200 emails/day or 6,000 emails/month (up to you).

The only negative thing about its free plan is that it includes a watermark with the Mailjet logo, you will not be able to do A/B Testing, and does not allow segmentation users, nor nor do automation.

So, if all you need is to design beautiful and attractive emails, without automation, this tool can be of great help.

What we highlight most about this tool is its email editor, since by just dragging blocks you can design very attractive emails, although the difference here is that you can edit in real time with other colleagues at the same time, in the same email.

With this we conclude our comparison of the free plans. Now we would like to know your opinion, have you tried any of these tools, or would you add any others to the ranking?


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