Does the SEO on Facebook? The answer is yes and we can get a better positioning within the social community with a few small recommendations. Thus, we can ensure that if we search, for example, “bilbao furniture store” we can appear in the first results.

To offer you the recommendations that we show you below, we have gone to a official Facebook document Made in collaboration with Bright Edge and we have added some ideas from our own.

If we follow these steps we will get the our company page on Facebook It is more easily found in Facebook searches and, consequently, in search engines. We leave you with these steps:

  1. Page URL: In Facebok you can customize the pages and this option helps the spiders find us better. To do this, you simply have to access the option enabled by Facebook and configure the address with the name that we want people to search for us: brand, population, sector…
  2. Order: Google spiders like Facebook love to see things organized. Hence, having a well-structured menu, giving as much information as possible and perfectly renaming all the sections is essential.
  3. About Section: Taking advantage of the full potential of the information section is key. Giving contact information, saying what we do in the clearest and simplest way possible is important so that it is inserted well in the search engine.
  4. Links: If links are important in search engines, they are still important on Facebook. Therefore, the more interrelated links between our website and Facebook, the better the positioning will be.
  5. Local pages: If our business has several subsidiaries in several areas of a country or several countries, it is best to choose to make several pages that link to the general brand. This will be valued as a commitment to local that will help improve positioning in very specific searches.
  6. Quality content: We should not limit ourselves to publishing corporate information on Facebook, it is best to select the highest quality content that can be shared by users. In addition to reputation, we will manage not to bore our followers.
  7. Followers: Although they do not say it explicitly in the document, Facebook also takes into account the number of followers to position us in one place or another within a search. Hence, the users with the most friends or the most followed pages are the first in the results.

With these tips and a little communication skill, we will ensure that little by little our community on Facebook grows and our positioning improves. Of course, this strategy it has to be long termsince SEO is a technique that requires time, patience and a lot of perseverance.

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