Have you ever imagined your DOOH (Digital Out of Home) campaign being seen from space? Technology is evolving and surprising us more and more, the surprise of the moment is Sphere Las Vegas – the largest spherical structure in the world, designed to host shows, exhibitions and immersive experiences.

According to Guy Barnett, senior vice president of brand strategy and creative development at Sphere Entertainment Corporation, the Exosphere is more than a screen or a billboard, it is a living architecture unlike anything found anywhere in the world. For Outdoor Advertising Association of America CEO Anna Bager, “Everyone will take a photo and share it on social media, and brands that do it right will benefit exponentially from social exposure.”

The Sphere is 112 m high and 157 m long and was designed based on centuries-old mathematical equations and cutting-edge technologies. Its exoskeleton is made up of hundreds of triangles that intertwine, creating the 360° shape of the place and the exterior of the dome is wrapped in squares of programmable LEDs, capable of displaying 256 million colors. Visible even from space!

But the question that remains is: What is the impact of this technology on DOOH Media?

One of its main purposes is to increase the visibility and reach of its advertisers, as well as creating a lasting visual impact. Making people see the ad and feel something, have an experience, and then create a connection with the ad. In fact, this has been the principle of advertising and marketing itself since the world has been the world and Sphere is certainly a resounding impact channel for any advertiser.

It’s obvious that the new Vegas attraction has already caught the attention of advertisers. To give just one example, the NBA was the first brand to use the sphere for two weeks, starting on July 4, when it promoted its NBA Summer League by transforming the structure into a basketball.

The truth is that this sphere is quite an opportunity for brands. I mean, if you had the chance to show your company’s story on the biggest screen in the world, how would you do it? It’s something to think about. David Hopkinson, president and chief operating officer of MSG Sports, says the advertising power of The Sphere is enormous and can be amplified.

As? Well, through creativity. The more creative your ad is, the greater its impact on the public. David also talks about the DOOH campaign at The Sphere: “The better the creative, the greater the amplification of that advertising power.”

In fact, this is a rationale for any media spot. Many times, campaigns have made their name in the history of OOH by making the public interact with the ad, surprising them, immersing them, experiencing something unique or all of this simultaneously. Sphere just shows the power that Digital OOH has. It is ‘expanding’ the pillars of interaction with the public while presenting itself as something innovative in the world. And this is a sign of the growth of DOOH for the coming years. Otherwise, why would more than US$2.5 billion be invested in a giant screen?

It is logical that the attractions, shows, sporting events and everything else that the space can hold are of fundamental importance, but the impact of looking out the window and seeing a giant emoji watching you has an effect never seen before.

emoji gigante

Research and Markets, in a 2022 report, projected that the DOOH segment should generate US$58.67 billion in revenue by 2030 worldwide. If we expect more ‘technological tools’ like this in the coming years, we can see a sea of ​​opportunities ahead, for those who know how to take advantage.

Sphere is just another sign of the power of DOOH, and how this sector’s growth projection tends to be increasingly sustained. The new Las Vegas attraction is more than a landmark, it is a symbol of the inexhaustible power of DOOH and the constant expansion of this sector.

*Joaquim Lopes, co-founder and CEO of 4yousee

Source: https://www.mundodomarketing.com.br/futuro-do-dooh-conheca-a-esfera-em-las-vegas-com-a-maior-tela-de-led-do-mundo/

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