After Spain, Portugal suspended for a period of 3 months the activity of this company which scans irises in exchange for a cryptocurrency.

Portuguese authorities announced on Tuesday the temporary suspension of the collection of biometric data by Worldcoin, a cryptocurrency whose verification system is based on iris recognition, as Spain did three weeks ago.

The National Data Protection Commission (CNPD) justified its decision by “the safeguarding of the fundamental right to data protection, in particular of minors”, it indicated in a press release, specifying that this suspension would be in force for a period of three months to allow him to “conclude his investigation and make a final decision”.

300,000 people

Citing information published in the local press, the CNPD indicated that “more than 300,000 people in Portugal” had already provided their biometric data in exchange for payment in cryptocurrency “worldcoin”, launched in July 2023 by the boss of OpenAI Sam Altman.

Worldcoin was launched at the end of June in Germany, where one of its co-founders, Alex Blania, currently heads the Californian Worldcoin holding company, Tools for Humanity, is from.

The Worldcoin system is supposed to become a kind of digital passport powered by a blockchain, which would allow its users to prove their identity online without sharing personal data.

But to obtain this sesame, the user must first submit to an iris “scan” by an “orb”, a biometric device designed by Worldcoin. He must then download Worldapp, a digital wallet which allows him to receive tokens, or “worldcoin tokens”.


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