Are you looking to have more followers and make your website or blog known on social networks? Here you have the 10 Secrets for your Success in Social Media.

Secret 1: Don’t SPAM! There is nothing more hated on the Internet than receiving massive messages that are not of our interest. The Internet provides the advantage of allowing us to search for the information that interests us, so do not bother anyone by filling their inbox, posting messages on the wall or worse yet, tagging them in photos that no one is interested in.

Secret 2: Listen. Pay attention to your audience. Listening not only allows you to get a better idea of ​​what they are saying but also what they are feeling. In virtual channels, you have no visual cues, so having good listening skills is a must.

Secret 3: Respect the spirit of the Internet. The Internet means communication and interaction with people and information. Understanding this will bring more success in your positioning campaigns in your network of followers.

Secret 4: Know the scope of Social Networks. Not all social networks are the same. Each one has a different interaction with people according to their different interests. Facebook and Twitter, to name a few, provide different scopes according to the message you want to convey.

Secret 5: Use a common language. It is a fairly common mistake among companies and experts to speak in a language that only they master. You have to speak in common language, the language that users and consumers use every day, so you will make yourself understood better.

Secret 6: Provide Value. It starts from a conversation with the objective of adding value. Before writing a comment, ask yourself: What am I adding value to the conversation?

Secret 7: Share your wealth. If you got something, share it and spread it. It’s not just about money, it’s about time, information and knowledge. In Social Media, sharing is the fuel that drives a conversation.

Secret 8: Accept the dynamics of Networks. Messages mutate, transform, evolve. That is why you have to master a language and a strategy that are clear enough to be executed as quickly as expected. On the other hand, some messages may generate responses or reactions that are not expected. It is part of the dynamic and you have to know how to act according to it.

Secret 9: Respond. We are in a Network 2.0 and in this it is of enormous importance to respond to every feedback or contribution that is made to us. Even if we don’t entirely agree with them, it is your duty to thank your followers for their contribution. It’s the least they deserve for giving you their attention.

Secret 10: Be Creative, Innovative and Persevering. We must provide the community with experiences that are friendly, simple and close. But success only comes to those who persevere in their efforts. Fame is not achieved overnight.

These are the 10 Secrets that you must burn with fire if you want to succeed on the Internet and in Social Media. Follow them and your path to success will be guaranteed.

Via: Cyberprimo


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