One more week, we continue entering the new and fashionable world of Community Managers.

If you followed the advice in the previous article then you will have already looked at the competitionthe habreis brand soaked what are you going to take, you will have familiar with the environment, started to listen and interactso it can be said that we will be ready to launch ourselves into the work of Community Managers that has been entrusted to us.

One of the possible scenarios for your work activity could be Facebook, but How do you work on Facebook? We all use it personally but Have you ever thought about how to use and adapt a Facebook profile or page professionally?

The best for running a businessmarks the campaign is to create a page instead of a profile. The advantages of the page are enormous, from having a multitude of statisticsto power personalize very much the page itself, that users “hagan fans” of her, etc…
Several things to keep in mind when creating and managing a page are:

Attractive home page

On a Facebook page that we own (or where we are at least administrators) We can configure which tab of the page by default is seen by both users who are already fans of the page and those who are not yet fans of the page.. Normally for those who are already fans (I refuse to call them “people who like our page”, if I say fans you understand me, although Facebook has already eliminated this nomenclature) we show them the wall, and for those who are not yet, They are shown a different tab, created expressly for them in which there may be information about the page, videos, etc… In addition It is a good idea to encourage them to click on the “Like” button in that same tab.. From the link of “Modify page” below the profile image we can modify it.

Wall configuration

We can choose between two types of views of our wall: that only our publications can be seen or that all of them can be seen (ours and those of the users). The ideal is that they all be seenbut in specific phases of a campaign we can change this if we want to give a message and we want it to look good and not get lost on the wall.

Moderate messages

One of the big doubts we may have about negative comments on our wall is whether to delete them or not. Personally, I just I recommend deleting those that contain insults, disqualifications and that type of language towards the brand or towards other users. Well-founded and educated criticism must be left and answer them in the same way (politely). Be that as it may, when you delete a comment It is advisable to contact that person by private Facebook message and let you know the reason for deleting that message.

Incentivize the user

Normally, users become fans of the pages because they like the brand, but If you want them to be more than just numbers and participate and get involved, you have to give them something.. What better than products, discounts or gifts to reward your loyalty. Organize contests where users are motivated to get involved with the brand. And a piece of advice, do not organize the typical contests in which the one with the most comments or “Likes” wins, listen to me.

No spamees

DDefine a number of statuses per day that you are going to write for your page, and try not to make all of them look like ads no personality. It is clear that for companies the goal is to make money, and that is done by selling, but To build customer loyalty you have to find the middle ground between selling your brand and at the same time giving them original, human content that gives them something.. It’s not easy but by finding that middle ground you will have very loyal fans who will give a lot of life to your page.

These are some of the basic things to do if your Social Media strategy contains a part of Facebook. Of course I have left out many things that would make for a very long post, Why don’t we expand on it in the comments?

By Alvaro Paricio Image courtesy of Spencer E Holtaway under Creative Commons license.


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